Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Yesterday Regan, me and the two littlest boys went into Lethbridge to do errands. For lunch we stopped at Fat Burger, the newest burger joint in town. Regan had taken Eli over to fill their pop cups up and I was sitting in my booth with Oliver. Behind me two young adult age guys were sitting and having a chat that was about one guy's girlfriend. I overheard... "and I was on the phone with her saying hey did you hear the new Ihop is almost open?" And she was like Ihop, isn't that the pancake place? I don't even like pancakes. And I said WHAT. I almost broke up with her right there, I mean what kind of person doesn't like pancakes, right" and the other guy's response "don't you HAVE to like pancakes if you are Canadian? Seriously what kind of person doesn't like pancakes??" As soon as they left I had to tell Reg about their conversation. It was hilarious! :)

2. Last week on Friday for my Linked project I shared this picture and the recipe for the waffles on my photo blog. You should make them. They are soooo good.
Linked: Week 3: Breakfast

3. Eli is doing terrible at night again. This morning at some time around 5am he came into our room to announce "I don't like sleeping."

4. We did a HUGE grocery shop yesterday. I love that we can buy food without concern of not having money for food. I think growing up in a lower income family has made me very thankful for having more.

5. This weather is playing with our minds. One week of ridiculousness and then crazy wind. My kids keep saying that it's spring and ask when it's going to get nicer... we still have quite a few months that could be coooold!

6. I love having a garage to park in. It's the BEST.

7. Last night one of the times I went in to get Oliver and he was laying there on his back (which means he rolled over) and kicking wildly with the blanket just on his face. When I pulled it off it scared him and he started to cry. It was kind of funny.

8. I want to do some sewing. But between Eli, my back and Oliver I really am not getting very much sleep. But I have all these great things pinned to sew! I just don't have the energy to do it. I wish I did but I just want to sit around and read books or pin things or visit with friends.

9. I am back on with my menu planning. Got one for two weeks ready. (Hence #4)

10. I love this poster and I want to hang it in my home somewhere.


Catherine Dabels said...

My house is constantly on fire. It seems.

DeAnna said...

As per #3, our 6 year old has the same opinion. Although during the winter months he does sleep until 7 or 7:30, most mornings. It's those lovely May/June mornings where the sun is up when it is still nighttime that he is up with it at 3 a.m. Still figuring that one out. Just have to keep telling myself, one day it will be a good thing that he is an early riser...hopefully!

We are working at putting out the constant fire here! My kid's have two volumes, whispering and yelling.

whitney said...

Love your top 10, I think I could actually say the same for most of them, in some form or another. I may just have to steal you list...

Susie said...

did you like fatburger? Ryan LOVEs it, he wanted to go there on the weekend I said nope its called FAT burger come on. so we opted for wendys. does that make any sense, I know he didn't think so either. I do actually like it. Just waiting for the day I have time to sew ha ha. Oh IHOP hilarious. reminds me come up we'll go to coras

sweet and lovely crafts said...

I love your 10 on Tuesday updates.

Also, I just said to my Mom today that I want to hang that poster in my house too! I saw it on Pinterest, of course.

Lisa C said...

I've been thinking alot about the David O. McKay quote since I saw that you had pinned it. Everytime I yell, as a matter of fact.

Abby Metz said...

I can't remember what # was your grocery shopping one, but all I can say is "Oh man, I wish."

#10 really makes me feel like a total failure! I wish it was different, but the reality is that there is a lot of yelling that happens at our house. The kids are constantly yelling and screaming (mostly at each other), and then I find myself slowly getting so frustrated because nothing I try to do to stop it is effective, so I end up loosing it and resort to yelling because I have soooo had ENOUGH, and it seems to be the only thing that breaks them out of it and gets their attention! We have tried soooo many different stratagies to change things - nothing seems to make a real and lasting difference. Sometimes it seems like the only thing my kids can do without fighting is watch TV. I have just come to accept that we are just a loud, passionate, emotionally reactive family. I have also accepted that I can't expect my children to have mastered emotional self-regulation by a certain age - for many it's a life-long process - why am I frustrated that my 7-year old hasn't got it yet? We're trying our best, we're still a good family, and I love us anyway!