Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hellooooooooo out there

I've feeling a bit of the blog blahs.
Anyone still reading this thing?

I've been adding lots of photos to my photo one.
So check out those.
Here are some other photos from our RAS (Rural Alberta South) Residency opening getaway thingy in Lake Louise.



Some one was a bit of a goof.
And yes i totally brought a tutu with us just in CASE we ended up having time to walk around and take pictures....

And we did. I could have missed this GREAT door.

I actually brought a whole little outfit and was going to do her hair cute... but she was NOT having any of that.

oh well. She looks cute. She is a ragamuffin, so she might as well look like one in pictures :)

I need a little motivation to blog.
So leave a comment so I can see who's reading this thing still! Pretty please :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Eli Turned One on June 28th.
And I was good and had a party. (well it was on the 29th but close enough!)
But I haven't posted about it yet.... sooooo

We had TONS of family over for it.
Brooke and Brett
Bryan and Erin and their 7 kiddos
Lindsay and Derik and 2 kiddos
Brad and Whit and 2 kiddos
Both Grandma's and Grandpa's
Bob and 1 kiddo

So we had it outside in the new backyard. Had to break it in!

His cake. I came up with this idea from a shirt he was wearing - it didn't look like this but it had a robot on it...

He wasn't totally sure about the cake thing. And I had totally pegged him as a dive in head first kind of kid.
Guess not!

He was exhausted by party time and really just sat and did this...
or crawled around and spilled people's plates!

Opening presents (most of which he could have cared less about!)

I can't believe he is one!
My little man!
He certainly is a LOT of work.
But we love him and are so glad he's in our family!


AND I have lots of editing and posting of photos on my photo blog as of late. (i've got 3 shoots done and 7 more to edit and more shoots scheduled!)

AND we had our family pictures taken with one of my favorite photographers. You can see a sneak peak here. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Always an adventure!

(this is long... but pretty crazy!)

This past weekend was eventful. We borrowed a tent trailer from my brother and so we also had to borrow my MIL's vehicle for the hitch to pull it.

We got it all and we off on the road at about 5pm. Later than we wanted to leave, but Reg was working so it was what it was. We filled up the tired on the trailer and left town.

Got to about 5 km outside of Nanton and heard a loud BOOM - which happened to be a trailer tire exploding. So we pulled over to the side of the road. And got out to check it out. There was NOTHING left. Just a few wires around the rim. And we were in the middle of nowhere. So I did what I always do when it involves my vehicle. Called my dad. Who had already left town to go to the reunion and could do nothing for me. But my mom said 20 minutes before we called he said to my mom, you know Rhonda and Regan might have tire rot on those tires. They might have trouble. And then I called and he said it's Rhonda isn't it...... He told me to drive it to the nearest farmers house and ask for help. After calling the Brother to check about a spare (there wasn't one - the other tire had actually blown the last time they had used it, which was apparently was 2 years ago). So with a prayer in our hearts and driving about 10 km an hour, we drove down the high way a bit and turned down a gravel road and slowly made out way to the first farm house.

I walked up the driveway and knocked on the door (Reg said they would be more sympathetic to a girl... I thought about taking Eli to the door with me...:) ) And told them I had a tire blow out and asked if we could just park the trailer anywhere around their property so we could go get something figured out. The farmer came out and told us to pull up. So I flagged Regan down. He pulled up and the farmer took a look. Said you know I think I might have a tire that size. Why don't you let the kids out and let them wander around. Regan, the farmer and Alden looked through one of his shops and found a boat trailer tire, which just happened to fit perfectly. Which he let us borrow for the weekend. Which he also put on our trailer with his air compressor and lifted the trailer with his tractor. And then also gave us another spare tire just in case. And let the kids play on the swing set. And let Lucy use the bathroom inside. And told us we could camp there for the night (we didn't). They were so kind. And so nice. Wayne and Diana. Very very nice people. The prayer in our hearts was answered.

We pulled out from Wayne and Diana's place at 840pm. And drove straight to Okotoks to stay at my other brother, Sean and Val's house, who set us up wonderful sleeping rooms, feed us supper and breakfast. (also very kind!). The Saturday morning we finished our drive to Wetaskiwin. Which is waaaaay up north!

Set up the trailer, had fun. Visited with family. Had lots of fun.

That night at 4 am Lucy woke up screaming mad. She was convinced that someone had snuck into the tent trailer and switched her and Alden sleeping bags and she absolutely refused to sleep in THAT sleeping bag any more. She wanted her sleeping bag. Both Regan and I tried to convince her that that was in fact CRAZY. And that she was in her sleeping bag. Finally Reg had to take her out and put her into the vehicle. Where she screamed it out. Until she got so cold that she just wanted to go back to any sleeping bag and go to sleep. Which Reg happily helped her do. (Luckily Little Eli slept thru all that.)

Sunday we drove home and dropped the two tired back off the Wayne and Diana. And they told us to stop by any time we drive by.

What a weekend.
I seem to remember camping being so fun as a kid. And I've come to decide that camping is lots of fun when you are the kid and just a whole lot of WORK when you are the momma.

Friday, July 10, 2009


A while back we called up SIL Lindsay and Grandma and told them we wanted to go to Waterton (or the mountains as our kiddos call it) and we wanted them to come too. I took a whole whack of photos. Most of which I haven't edited yet. But I did do a few.

We love that we CAN call them up and we are close. It's simply marvelous. All the kids lined up.

hee hee. Gotta love the wind down here.

What a handsome and good dad. :)

We are off to a family reunion this weekend. Camping.
We'll see how it goes! :)

And after I'm back, more photos to share, a contest to end (finally), and perhaps a few Q&A (so if you have some about anything really, let me hear them!)

And if you need something to look at while I'm gone, I've put more photos on my photo blog. :)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Growing up

This getting to be big kid was talking to me last week
I said "wait, Alden open your mouth."
So he did.
I said "did you know you are missing a tooth?"
He was like "where??" So he ran into the bathroom and saw there was his first space. He had no idea it was even lose or that he had lost it.

All day he kept looking around for it to no avail.
That night he had babysitters and he knocked on the door (when he's in his room for the night he always knocks when he needs something) and asked them if they had seen his tooth. He even prayed to find his tooth.

I told him that the tooth fairy was pretty smart and maybe she already found it and would bring money anyways.

He was delighted to see I was right. :) Since then he lost the other bottom middle one. And lost that one too. But at least he noticed it was lose and when it fell out. Looks like I need to sew a little tooth fairy bag.

Can't believe I have a kid big enough to start losing teeth!

And as for Regan building the fence. He is not the handyman type. He is smart though. And with the help of all my brothers and dad to square the posts (the trickiest part) he was well on his way and did the rest himself. He's becoming a handyman bit by bit. :)

Monday, July 06, 2009

Our Backyard

When we moved in our backyard was a parking lot. Gravel, no fence. No real dirt. So over the month we were here and Regan had off, he worked on it.

First he shoveled out all the gravel into a wheelbarrow and moved it.
Then got dirt and leveled it all out. At which point the kids were loving it.

They are plugging their ears cause he was doing this...

After my great hubby built the fence (his first one and he did a great job!!)
He laid sod.

Alden also worked on it. He likes to do little jobs to make money so he can buy Bakugan's. He helped dad out and made some moola. Together they did this....

It's all finished and looking great.
And we've been enjoying it.

(Now I really need to get my act together and stain it!)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Hello again

This little man turned one.
And learned to walk.

These two in the backyard before it was filled with sod, Which funny enough they seemed to enjoy just as much (or even a tad bit more....) in such an Alden and Lucy pose. Goofing around together.

Love 'em.
Glad to be at home with 'em.
Reg's started residency. So we are settling in.
Back to the blogging more often!

I've been insanely busy with photos lately.
Got some posted on my photo blog if you wanna check out Amanda and Harvey's wedding. Next up a Maternity shoot with Tracy & Ian .