Monday, April 28, 2008

out of town

for the week.
Spending time with Regan in Claresholm where his current placement is.
Don't have the internet or a computer.
So we'll be doing one of these. Which really is good me every now and then.

We'll be back Friday night.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Note to Self

1. 6 pieces of watermelon before bed is really NOT A good idea for a pregnant lady. No matter how bad you want it. (It results in waking up MANY times to go pee....)

2. When you are married to a soon to be dr, he needs to know the details from dr appointments. At my appointment this week my dr told me I either have to get my iron up before the week's over or else i have to get iron shots..... apparently it is "dangerously low". First thing Regan asked when I told him was What was the number. I really didn't think to check that. (And no wonder I've not been feeling so hot lately.)

3. I am in fact getting old. I went to a kindergarden information night this week. I will have a child in school. Strange.

4. It's okay to make pancakes for supper when your hubby is out of town. The kids like it. It's just easier all around.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

5 reasons I'm excited for July

1. I will not be pregnant anymore.

2. I will have a beautiful little baby to hold and take lots of photos of. :)

3. Warm weather will HAVE to be here by then.

4. Maybe my cold and ear infections will finally be gone by then.

5. I'll gain a new sister in law.

Friday, April 11, 2008

In the Kitchen: How to make a banana airplane

First you need all the ingredients.
Peanut Butter
a banana
graham crackers
(and a table knife)

First peel that banana and cut it half lengthwise.
(ooh look... it's naked)

Then slather it with peanut butter on the banana.
(And don't be skimpy!)
Lucy wanted to do it "ALL BY MYSELF!"

Then add a graham cracker cut in half.
(it's the wings if you couldn't tell!)

Add the banana halves back together.

Using peanut butter, add some raisins for windows to your plane.

And then enjoy it.

Pose with it, as long as you have a cheesey grin to go with it.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

and the good husband award goes too.....

this one.
Who let me take a long nap today.
and took the kids to the playground.
Took Alden to school.
Vacuumed all the floors.
Mopped the kitchen & dining room.
And just has been so kind lately, when i haven't been so healthy.

Aren't I so lucky?

Monday, April 07, 2008

Can I complain

just a little tiny bit??

This pregnancy has not been a picnic.
In fact kind makes me not like those ladies who say they feel the best when they are pregnant.
That is NOT me.

I have been throwing up a lot.
You know morning sickness.
Although it's not contained in the morning alone at all.

I got a cold - flu thing that lasted FOREVER.
And my cough is still around. Although much better.
But it was making me throw up from coughing -
which was just adding to the amount I was already throwing up.
Got a yeast infection.
Then a bad bladder infection.
Still coughing.
Then today I woke up and my ears felt like they were going to explode.
So I went to a walk in.
I now have a double ear infection.

Isn't pregnancy such a beautiful thing.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April S! kit

Since it's the beginning of the month, I thought I'd post some of my kit pages.

There are LOTS of great pages from this kit that the other DT members did.
If you are interested you can see it here.

And just a random page I did using up some product I was given.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

just wanted to share

this great story.

Click here and click on Listen Now at the top.

Tell me what you think.