Thursday, May 31, 2007

a little tu tu

i was getting ready for another photo shoot a couple days ago.....
and getting out my props.
I don't have too many.
But I do have this one.

Thanks to my talented sister in law Erin.

Well my little helper found it.

And INSISTED that she had to wear it around.
Along with her winter boots.
The house.
In the car.
Walking outside.
Nice hot day.
Clothes + jacket + winter boots + tutu.

She even got a few compliments from passing people. :)

I wonder who's fashion sense she got?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

NO way.

Lucy's new thing to say is "no way."

Mom:"hey Lucy, dad is home, why don't you go give him a hug?"
Lucy: "No way"

Mom: "Lucy are you finished eating dinner?"
Lucy: "No way"

Mom: "Lucy, let's put your shoes on"
Lucy: "No way"

Lucy:" Movie, Movie, Dora"
Mom:" Lucy do you want to watch a movie?"
Lucy: "No way"

Saturday, May 26, 2007


I feel like I have been so busy lately!

Had two photo shoots last friday.
A new baby girl in the morning

and then a grad photo shoot in the afternoon.

Last saturday i met up with some of my Scraptivity friends for a little get together.
Alden had so much fun.
And so did I.
In the evening Regan and I went on to Spiderman 3.

Sunday was busy with church stuff.
Monday we cleaned the house.
Deep cleaned. LOVE that.

Then Tuesday I went up to Edmonton to see my brand new Nephew and his mommy, sister in law Lindsay& dad Derik. (Along with Grandma, Sister in law's Brooke and Susie and bro-in-law Brett.)
Got to take some pictures and have fun.

Also went out to dinner with some GOOD friends I haven't seen a quite a while.
Some old roommates.
And man was that the best!!!! Oh I miss Rosalind and Dyane!
Then Wednesday night I went out for treats with some more Scraptivity friends.
And that was great too.

Caught this photo of Alden completely in the tv zone while I was taking baby photos. It cracks me up.
This is totally why he is not allowed to watch very much tv!
the tv zone.

Drove home Thursday, after stopping to see another friend in Edmonton, Maria, who had a baby girl around the same time as my SIL. They lived out in Nova Scotia when we did. Alden LOVES Fraser and Jane and talks about them constantly, so it was good to have a visit for all of us!

Friday we spent at home.
At least besides having dinner at a friend's house.

And then today, My mom and I went to a quilt show.
A big one. WE did LOTS of walking!
It was fun. And tiring.
No pictures uploaded yet, but man ws there some amazing handiwork there.

I have to do all my sunday prep tonight, mop the floor, work on my June Scraptivity kit, and get some more photos edited.

I feel tired rethinking about my past week.
Lots of fun.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Thomas the Train

THought I would share some more Thomas photos for the grandma's.
Heaven for Alden.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

7 lovely things

Well the coolest things have been happening lately.
One of which is that my favorite Scrapbooker/Collage Artist EVER tagged me.
Rebecca Sower.
And even came to my blog.(Which now makes me all nervous that I should have extra good things to say. ;) )
Anyway, she said "I'd love to hear 7 reasons why your life is lovely right now."
7 reasons.

1. Last Saturday we got to make a dream come true for Alden. We took him to ride on Thomas the train. And the first time he saw the smoke in the sky from Thomas coming around the bend. And then Thomas appearing. Seriously thought he was going to pass out from excitement. I will remember that for a long long time. And so will He.

2. I have been getting more and more photo shoots. My portfolio is building. And that makes me happy. I LOVE taking people's pictures. This lady, Julie, had her baby and I am taking her newborn's photos tomorrow. AND doing a fun group of grad shots for some teenages. I have some REALLY fun ideas. Hope they are up for anything.

3. Spring is here. Birds singing. Kids playing in the sandbox. Going on walks. Weiner roasts. Everything is coming alive. And i love it.

4.Regan and I are going on a trip in July. I'm not a trip person. I've never been on one really. But we are going to LA. Just us two. That is a first. And I am completely and utterly excited for it.

5.Fruit is in season. YIPEE. We eat a LOT of it around here. My kids eat a lot. Desserts with fruit. Fresh fruit. Freezer jam. Love fruit.

6. Regan. He makes my life lovely. Very lovely. I am so happily married. And so lucky. I am grateful every day for him. How hard he works for us. Medical school is a hard thing. He is so smart. I'm just so lucky.

7. My little Lucy is just SO fun lately. I LOVE the 18 month old stage. She talks SO MUCH. She laughs at everything (i am so funny to her!)She sleeps good. She is starting to play with things. She sits for stories. She says love you mommy to me. And kisses and hugs us. She makes life so lovely. I am especially loving this stage we are in right now.

Thanks for the challenge Rebecca!
Great way to look at my life.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I did a little garden work today.
Planted some flowers to spruce up the yard.

And I had a little helper.

It wasn't this one.
He has busy having fun playing.

It was this one.

She is quite the helper.
If I planted something, she would help me by pulling it back up.
I mean it wasn't in that good of a spot.
I guess.

And if I made a pile of dirt, she would taste it.
You know just to see if the plants would be happy in it.
She'd start crying, since in fact, dirt does taste bad
So I would stop planting and wash out her mouth with the cold hose.

So she'd put a new pile of dirt in her mouth.
It might taste better the second time.

Or the third.
But in fact.
It doesn't.
It's still dirt.

Just so you know,if you are thinking maybe I'll do some yard work while the kids play around me with all their fun toys - it'll be a great way to accomplish things and send time together outside. Enjoying nature.

It doesn't quite work out that way.
But we had some fun anyway.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Alden's GREAT day

This past week we made a little trek across town to see Uncle Sean at his firestation.
We had to drop off something so we made it a little family trip.
Our friday night party.

And when we got there Sean was out in the ambulance on a call.
But the firefighters were there.
I told them who we were looking for and they asked if we wanted to look at the fire trucks. I think they could see Alden looking longingly at the trucks.

So a nice young firefighter gave us a tour.
And seeing as he knew that Alden was Sean's nephew and that he loooves that Uncle Sean is a paramedic in an ambulance, this nice firefighter took the opportunity to sway Alden to how cool firefighters are.

They have this competition thing.
Between firefighters and paramedics/EMTs.

And little Alden reeped the benefits of it.

As soon as Uncle Sean pulled up in the ambulance he saw this.

Alden got to try on the whole firefighter outfit.
(And he looks uncomfortable because he is. That hat is HEAVY.)

So then Uncle Sean had to show Alden how really the cool thing is the ambulance.
So he let him try on his bullet proof jack and hat (also REALLY heavy)

And then he took him in the back and even hooked him up to the EKG machine.
Which was cool. Even dad enjoyed that.

This was a good day for Alden.
He loved it.

As for the rest of us, I've been taking photos of more soon to be mommies.
And spending time outdoors enjoying that spring is FINALLY here.

Looking to book some more photo shoots for the summer too.
I have a few more lined up.
That is coolio.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This girl...

Lucy Ann at 18 months - almost 19 months....
• loves her older brother Alden and says his name constantly all day long & follows him around
• has recently discovered Dora thanks to Grandma Davis - she pulls out the one Dora DVD we have and asks to "watch Dora"
• eats HUGE amounts of food especially eggs in all forms and fresh fruit
• has to feed herself everything = a lot of mess
• has to right on my lap while I am doing everything, and I mean everything
• goes to bed around 7:30 and sleeps til about 8:30 or 9
• has an afternoon nap for 1- 1.5 hours
• has recently discovered playing in the sandbox, (she doesn't eat THAT much sand)
• wants to play with whatever Alden is
• picks out books for me to read to her in piles
• says pretty much everything (and is constantly talking)
• can throw one serious temper tantrum
• HAS to say Amen three times after every prayer (including the ones in church)
• says "heeeeewwwwwwwwwooooooooo" with a drawl
• loves to play with her little people house
• says "cheese" as soon as I pull out the camera
• loves her bathtime and will ask for it at any hour of the day
• carries around her "puppy" and her "bunny"
• loves to stand on her head
• likes to run around chasing Alden
• HATES having her teeth brushed and screams the whole time
• only wants me to put her to bed (which gets tiring sometimes)
• likes to put her own diaper in the garbage & gets quite upset if you don't let her
• loves books about babies
• is finally getting some molars (oh joy)
• has the cutest laugh EVER - seriously the cutest
• loves to give Regan and I raspberries on our bellies and backs
• still loves peek-a-boo
• starting paying a little attention to tv but not for too long
• greats me in the morning with "hi mom" "up?"
• still loves to snuggle a lot and suck her thumb
• loves to talk on the phone to anyone and everyone especially grandma
• but always says "love you dadda" no matter who is on the phone
• asks for diaper changes and lays on the floor with her legs up
• does not want to be carried she just wants to walk on her own
• is such a happy girl and such a joy in our home

And on another note.
I was working on pictures and found this one.
I like that you can see the love in it.