Monday, October 27, 2008

Overheard and Photo Talk

Photos are getting posted on my photo blog quite frequently lately.
I've got 2 weddings, 2 babies, 2 family shoots to edit.
Plus I'm doing two family shoots (one with twin girls - HOW FUN!) on Saturday.
I wanted to spend all my free time today editing photos, but I spent 5 hours at Canadian Tire being really annoyed with their service.

Eli was with me and was a dream, as usual!

He's such a good baby!
And so kissable!

On a much happier note... a little conversation with Alden:
A:"Hey mom, can I have some chores?"
M: "Sure, do you know what chores are?"
A:" No"
M: "Well, you have some chores, like cleaning your room, clearing your dishes off the table, but I could add more!"
A: "Okay!"

Sam comes to the door and both Alden and Lucy run to the door.
Sam: "Can Alden play?"
Alden: "Sorry Sam, I've got to do chores. Just the dishes, but don't worry, I'll only do one! hahaha."

What a quirky kiddo I've got!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Random Thoughts on Friday

This morning was an early dismissal day. Which means, that the afternoon kindergarten kiddos (like Alden) have to go in the morning (from 8:55 - 12:15).
Since we often do not get dressed around here (and sometimes wake up) until 930 (or sometimes even later) it was a bit of a challenge.

Now that we are home again, I see that morning kindergarten really has it's benefits. Like leaving the whole afternoon to go and do whatever you want.
I woke Alden up at 7:45am. He sat up looked at me and he looked outside and said "mom it's still the middle of the night," laid back down and went back to sleep. I woke him up again and he held his fingers close together and said "i just need this much more sleep." To entice him out of bed and into his clothes, I warmed them in the dryer. He was quite cranky until he slid his legs into his warm pants. Then looked at me and said "ooh that's nice."

We rushed out of the door and got him to school just as all the kids were lining up in front of the school and greeting their principle and teachers, who lead them into the school each morning. Alden said "oh no we're late." He jumped out of the van and ran straight into the school without looking back or saying bye or anything.
It's so strange that we are here. In school. And in some ways he seems so big and grown up. When he helps Lucy get her coat down, or sets the table willingly, when he uses big words and dictates whole stories to me, when he comes to sit on my lap and I can't see over his head anymore. When he moves Eli into his room so that he can "play" with him while I have my shower. When I drop him off to school and runs in and doesn't look back.

In other ways, he is still my little boy. That he WANTS to sit on my lap and cuddle, the way he likes us to hold hands when I read him stories at night in his bedroom, how when he is tired and he doesn't get his way results in tears, when there are too many big kids on the playground he won't go on it. He's been really emotional lately, and I think a lot of it is tiredness. He is realizing that school is every day now. That this is life. This is what we do. Every week day.

But some of it is me. I have been feeling overwhelmed with a few things lately. Some things that are wearing on my mind. And making me feel a bit more cranky than usual. And he has always been a sensitive kid. If he gets hurt, it's the emotional part that makes him cry, not the physical pain. He knows when I am feeling off. I am trying to make sure that I explain to him how I am feeling. Teaching him (and Lucy) that sometimes we are upset and that is okay. But how we deal with it, how we react and treat others when we are feeling that way is more important. Hopefully I handle things okay, then my kids are able to learn how to handle things okay. As my mom would say, each generation better.

Kind of a lot of rambling thoughts that are in my mind this morning.

And on a completely different note, I was looking at google anaylitics (sp??) yesterday for my blog, and every day I get around 85-100 visitors a day here. First, wow. And Second, lots of people are obviously lurking and not commenting. So hello out there. Sometime you should say hello.
And here is recent edited shot...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Three Months

I've had quite a busy week so far.
Seems I've been watching kids and having visitors and editing photos and doing crafts and playing games and reading books.

But I've been wanting to post about Eli for a few weeks... and haven't gotten around to it.At three months Eli:
• weighs 13 pounds 6 ounces
• is very smiling and easy going
• sucks his thumb
• is a tummy baby - sleeps waaaaay better on his stomach
• has the cutest little laugh you ever heard
• has seriously ticklish feet - so much so that putting on his socks makes him uncomfortable
• loves to watch Alden and Lucy
• still breastfeeds about every 3 hours
• has the longest, most beautiful eyelashes over top crystal clear blue Steed eyes
• loves to baby talk to anyone around him
• gets real serious when toys are hanging above him and tries to hit them with his hands
• has some serious poo blow outs (ew)
• has really really nice skin still
• is sleeping from 830-9pm to around 4am, feeds then sleeps til 830-9am
• absolutely HATES riding in the van - the minute I lift the car seat into the van he starts to cry
• is so easy going
• endures a lot of over loving from Lucy
• loves his bouncy chair with the fishes
• is wearing 3-6 month clothes
• has really big hands with long fingers
• looks at his momma with such love
• has the sweetest smile
• really is such a light in our home
We are so happy to have him.
As Lucy says (about a million times a day) "aw Mom, isn't Eli so cute?"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Seven

it's been a while since I did a Sunday Seven. But no time like the present, eh?

1. Thankful to have fun shooting a wedding yesterday morning. Glad to be able to help people celebrate such a special day in their lives!

2. Thankful for a supportive husband who drove down with me and had fun with the kids at grandma's house so I could go shoot the wedding.

3. Thankful for such a sweet, imaginative little (getting big) boy Alden. He has been telling me lately about the "world" that he imagines in his head a lot. It has robots with wheels. Lots of moons. He told me he likes to make up stories about it while he lays in bed at night. (I want to get some of those written down while he is so into this!)

4. Thankful for good friends. Some are coming over for dinner today.

5. Thankful for enough food. And good food at that.

6. Thankful to be able to attend church at a church of my choosing and that everyone in this country is allowed to do the same.

7. Thankful for a great class at church all about marriage and families and the wonderful teacher who is blessing us with so much great advice and knowledge from her years of marriage.

And since a post is boring without any thing to look at....
A scrapbook page I made from the October sketch I provided for Scraptivity this month.
There are two other takes on my sketch here.
And a photo from my newly posted session on my photo blog.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

In the Kitchen: i've found a new hobby.....

all thanks to Lindsay who introduced me to Bakerella.
i LOVE this blog and all it's tasty eye-appealing treats.
And everyone seemed to know about it - except me!
Well since two of my kids have birthdays this month i had opportunities to try out some of Bakerella's treats.
First, with Lindsay for Alli & Lucy's joint party... cupcake pops.
(Which I am dying to try again... and give away to share just how cute they are. Next week for sure!)

So for Alden's school treats, I tried to convince him that I could bring cupcake pops but he wouldn't go for it.... so instead I found something he liked. Bakerella showed how to use melted chocolate to make logos... so i tried it. I think I can do better next time, but not bad for my first try. And Alden liked them so that's all that matteres!

I am going to try the Halloween cupcake pops along with other things.... I am sure I need more ideas of things to bake. :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

dress up with two girls

and whole lot of leaves makes for a fun time.
Lindsay and I took our two cute little girls out for a little photo shoot.
Some of my favorite images so far....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

to my handsome little man Alden.

We are so lucky to have such a special guy in our home.
He is such a joy to have around.

We had a wonderful thanksgiving.
Lots of family time.
And even a photo shoot or two.

More photos of this little fun shoot to come tomorrow.
And some engagement photos from another shoot are up on my photo blog.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I just have to say

A few things.

That this is super sweet.
I'm totally undeserving, but nonetheless, very, very kind.
Thanks Jen.

Potty training kinda went down the tubes today with a bit of puking, diarrhea and extra sleep.
Hopefully we are back on track tomorrow!

It was a new kit at Scraptivity and here are some pages from the October kit.
(Big thanks to Heather for taking the top two photos which I love!)

And another favorite picture from my recent editing....

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Three Years Old

From this.....

To this...

To this....
To this.
I have a three year old little girl. Or should I say big girl.

Who is spunky, talkative, playful, social, feisty, kind, good at sharing, sassy, friendly, lovable, totally cute, really smart and potty trained (mostly). And all ours.
We love her and we are thankful that she is part of our family.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Week in the Life : Random Thoughts about the week

I waste too much time. I should be more efficient.
Some things I am good about multi tasking others - not so much.

My kids eat a lot of sandwiches for lunch. Almost every day.

If I go to stores I like to spend money. So to not spend money, it's best to avoid stores. :)

I love that my kids get to play with the neighbor kids all the time. We are so lucky that they are all good little kids with good parents. We have common values and that makes it a whole lot easier. And really, we all live close and that makes it great too!

At about 4pm I get cranky. It's my sleepy, I've had a long day, please don't pester me, how long til dad gets home time. Some days I am good at working through it and not just being cranky. Some days, not so much.

Driving to and from school really adds pressure to the day - in the fact that you can't really go anywhere. And every day I am worried about being late for picking up Alden for school. I was once and it worried him and now every day around 3 I start watching the clock minute by minute. (Maybe that adds to my crankiness!

I love it when my kids play together. Nothing makes me happier.

Eli is such an easy baby. I am really blessed. I've had three good babies.

Eli was having a bit of a growth spurt this week. And had two nights of up every two hours for food.... which I am glad is not his normal routine! He is often sleeping from 8:30 or 9pm until around 5 or 6 am. Feeds and then back to sleep until 830 or 9. It's not every night, but it is a lot. And I am glad.

I love it when Regan gets home. Every day I am glad to see him.

We are lucky to have access to good friends. All around us.

A nice bouquet really adds to the atmosphere of the house.

I hate potty training. Every thing about it. Ew.

Can't believe my little Lucy is three.

We got to listen to General Conference at home via the internet and I am so thankful. Thankful we have a living prophet in the latter days. Thankful for the inspiring messages. Thankful for a testimony of Jesus Christ and of Heavenly Father.

Laundry is so much better in little doses rather than 6 loads in one day.

We go to the zoo a lot. In fact, Alden told us we took him there to much this week. (But we had family call and invite us to attend with them so we went both times!)

There are times when you have to sacrifice things you want, for things loved ones want. And that is okay. It's part of life.

Things are good. We are blessed.

Week in the Life : Weekend Photos

Sunday's Photos:

Saturday's Photos:

Friday's Photos:

Friday, October 03, 2008

Week in the Life : Thursday Photos

Moments captured yesterday.

Big news of the day: Lucy is two days going strong in panties. YIPEE!!!!!! YIPEE!!!!!! YIPEE!!!!!!