Friday, January 06, 2012

Foto Friday: Our Year in Photos

I'm starting a new project today. With my great friend Brooke. And I got it from another photog friend named Jenn. Jenn came up with and explained it best so I'm just going to quote her here:

"Earlier this week I posted how I've been thinking a lot about the kinds of photographs I want my kids to have of their childhood. Not all the posed "let's go out into this beautiful field and take some beautiful smiling photographs", but the actual "I have the coolest room and I love playing lego on the floor" photographs.

But that led me also to thinking how great I am about starting projects and not so great about finishing them. Which got the wheels turning in my head about a great project that would require a minimal time commitment and still get me exactly what I want.

And so the Our Year in Photos Project was born. One photo a week for a year. Each capturing a specific part of our lives and of my kids' childhood that I want remembered.

Once I started writing the idea down, I couldn't stop. I couldn't stop thinking about everything I wanted captured, everything I wished I had photos of from when I was 4, everything I wished I had photos of from when my kids were 4. So I planned out the entire year. And I am so excited for every single week.

Here's how it's going to work. Every Monday I'm going to post a prompt. You have to take one photo for each week. That's it....just one photo a week. This is not a time-consuming project. There will be some weeks where I take 2 photos (one of each kid) but not more than that, for this project . The prompts aren't going to be difficult - think "a photograph with my little peanut wearing her favourite shirt".

By the end of the year, I - and you too if you play along - am going to have an album of images that really show what our everyday life is all about - where we live, what we love, who we love.

Because it's just the way I am, there have to be some rules. And know these are really more for me than you, in an attempt to overcome my perfectionist tendencies.

You may not quickly change your child into matching clothes right before you take the photo because it's going to actually be printed and put in an album. Whatever they're wearing goes.
You may not rush around and pick up all the toys on the floor and put away the jackets, shoes, whatever is lying around before you take the photo. Whatever your house looks like at that moment goes.
There will be the occasional prompt that requires you to be in the photo. You may not skip over those ones. Obviously your kids know that you're there every day, but 10 years from now will they see it in the photos?
Do it. It's only one photo per week."

Sounds great HEY?!! Join us. We'd love to have you.

Month 1 Week 1: The Vehicle

The first week of the month is a photograph a room in our home.
This week's "room" may not technically be in our home but it's somewhere we spend a lot of time together.

My view looking back

Alden and Lucy

Eli and Oliver

So go check out Brooke's shots this week!


Brooke Snow said...

Love that your kids read in the car! It looks so peaceful! I might have to hitch a ride with you! Thanks for letting me be a part of your fun project!

Anonymous said...

Love that the room is in a vehicle. I remember that being our home in 2008 for our move. Great idea.

Chelsea Belle said...

AS always, following your lead Rhonda...this sounds great. I also love that they read int he car, because even in our thirsty second ride to church my kids ask for movies!

LindsayB said...

i love this idea! i better bookmark this brooke and commit! i didn't like the book the glass castle at all so now i can't trust anything on your list...haha.

DeeMomof6 said...

This is soo perfect! I am so excited because trying to do a photo a day somedays was impossible and that just got pushed to the side.. but one a week.. I can totally do that. Think I might share this idea too.

ken and shelley + Five said...

I finally am taking the time to comment on your blog. I've actually been following your blog for almost a year now and really enjoy it. I also have four little ones and am expecting number 5 in April. So do you want to know the connection? Crystal Kruger who is Heather Moll's mom lead me to your blog. I am great friends with Heather's sister Melinda. Got all that? Anyways hope this doesn't creep you out. I'm hoping to do this photo challenge as well despite my poor efforts at photography. Thanks for all teh inspiration!

Jenn said...

I can't believe how peaceful your car looks with 4 kids in it! So glad you're doing this project.

And I just peeked at your last post too. It's funny because Animal Vegetable Miracle caught my eye last night and I was thinking I'd have to pull it out and read it again. Off to check out a couple of the other ones I haven't read...

Unknown said...

great idea... I'm joining in as well. I got a canon rebel for Christmas and am having so much fun with it. That is awesome that your kiddo's read in the car.

shannon said...

Nice Rhonda. I love it! I am doing another year of Becky Higgins project life. I will be looking forward to your prompts for inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

Heather M. said...

this is awesome. so happy to see you doing this! and am looking forward to seeing yours and Brooke's shots each week. :)

Kylie Verdouw said...

what a great idea. Will be looking forward to your prompts!

Heather said...

I am love, love, loving this idea! Seriously, just my speed and what I want documented with my own family. So, I checked Jen's blog and am slightly confused. Are you starting from the beginning? And is there a list of each week somewhere? Maybe you could post it in the forum? pretty please. Or you could email me at
I'm happy to have your blog in my reader now:)

Chelsea Belle said...

I might want a list of the weeks as well.

tracy said...

I love that this is about capturing the pieces of our children's lives... one week and one photo at a time. I must join in on this. Great inspiration!!!

twulynnwilson said...

This sounds like a great idea! Do you have a running list so far that you can share?