Sunday, February 24, 2008

a little sneak peak

A little sneak peak for my upcoming classes at the Okotoks Scrapbook Convention this upcoming Saturday.

I have a mile long to do list for the convention this week, and this was one thing on it. So check one.

Here are some pictures of tidbits of the projects we will be working on in the Fun in a Box class featuring the Scraptivity January kit.

We'll hopefully make it through three projects, but maybe more.
Covering crackle paint, paper piecing, layering, hybrid scrapping, antiquing, and a mini album if we have time. And lots of supplies will be left over too!

I have handouts to make, supply lists to type up, students to email, posters to make and email.
Just a few things to work around regular momma stuff. :)

What are you up to this week?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Something that I didn't post about that has already passed, yet here I am posting about it.
Our Valentine's Day traditions.
1. We always cut out hearts and write things on them we love and hang them in the window. (This is the picture from last year.... cause I didn't take one of them this year.... this year they were all red.)

2. Our evening celebrations.
We feed the kids something they really like, cause really if we are going to enjoy a nice meal ourselves we'll all enjoy it a lot MORE if they eat and go to bed and THEN we eat.
I always make a fancy meal for us, complete with dessert.
Here is this years. Steak, baked potatoes, salad, roasted asparagus with hollandaise sauce. And a french lemon tart with fresh strawberry salsa for dessert.
And then Every year since we have been married we always watch this movie...
And I always cry at the same parts.
And laugh at the same parts.
And we always enjoy it.
There are not a lot of movie quotes said around this house, but some of the ones that ARE come from this movie. :)

3. As a little girl, my dad always bought something for me and my little sister. It meant a lot because my dad is not one of those kind of dad's regularly. I still wrap his christmas presents. But every V-day he would pick out something, chocolate, a stuffed animal, a flower and actually write the card out himself. That always meant a lot to me and I know it did to Kelly too. Well I've been telling Regan I loved that idea since we were first married. And this year, he started that at our house by getting Lucy a card, some candy and a but bear balloon. And she kept calling it all her special presents.
(Alden wanted to know when the day is that boy's get special presents....)

And since a few people asked to see my belly.... how's this shot from the playground?


Friday, February 22, 2008

10 things about me when I am pregnant.

5 not so nice....

1. my lower back starts to ache and it makes it hard to sleep. it's started already.

2. i am still taking dicletin. i tried to go off it and spent a day and a half puking my toes up.

3. i could seriously eat all day long. And there really aren't THAT many things to eat!

4. when my kids are having a bad day I spend most of it thinking, WHY am I adding another child??

5. heartburn. ouch.

5 that are kinda funny.....

1. i have crazy dreams. i mean werid ones. I've already dreamt that my mom was having a baby, which she decided she was to old to have one so they were going to throw it away. I told her I would take it and she was arguing with me about how crazy that would be since I am having a baby. Another was that we bought my grandparents old house and we were fixing it up and all these old guys came in with their coffee who wanted to play bingo with my grandpa and I was arguing with old men about taking breakfast away from my kids. Stealing bacon from them.

2. i want to eat weird things at weird times. like devilled eggs at 10pm or mini pizzas for breakfast.

3. when the baby kicks you and it surprised you and you jump and people look at you funny.

4. i cry over EVERYTHING. not getting invited to dinner, getting invited to dinner, movies, cartoons, books, talking to strangers.

5. my belly button sticks out, but only half way.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

On the Bookshelf:

But I started a list on the side bar of my blog.
It's my reading list. I read a lot and I've always thought it would be cool to keep a list of the books I've read... but I've never done it. So this year I started one. I'll keep track.

And I'll give you a bit of a book review so to speak of what they are about. oooh I even just thought maybe I'd add in stars like for how good they are. Are you excited??

I'll sum up all my books so far (i've read 4 so far this year)

1. Enchantment by David Spot
I have loved Audrey Hepburn for a long time. Love all of her movies I have seen. ( my two favorites are Sabrina and Funny Face.) Audrey grew up in a home that was a bit void of love. Her father left when she was still very young and her mother was not the lovey dovey motherly type. She was more of a motivator and encourager, enrolling Audrey in ballet and schools that would make more a life for Audrey. She was caught in the war when Hitler invaded and in fact almost died of starvation until the Unicef came in and saved her, her mom and two brothers. It tells all about her whole life. Some things I learned about her.
• Audrey wanted to have lots of kids and stay home and raise them. She suffered 4 miscarriages, all of which took a considerable toll on her mental and physical health. She did have two boys.
• Audrey was loved by everyone who worked with her. She was never demanding but very kind to everyone who worked on the films no matter their jobs.
• Audrey never thought of herself as beautiful or anything special. When receiving her lifetime award she said something to the effect of always thinking of herself as a plain girl with a rather big nose and small chest with no particular talent.
• Audrey raised more money than anyone for Unicef. She was tireless in her efforts to help the children of the world. And thought that since God wouldn't give her a house full of children, he wanted her to save the ones already here.
The book was a little gossipy about Hollywood but the overall telling of Audrey's life and changes was wonderful! 4 out of 5.

2. My life in France by Julia Child
ooh i loved this book. Julia has way of writing that invites you in. It's like you are old friends talking about her memories. Some things I learned about Julia.
• She was tall (same as me) and had big feet (same size as me 12)
• She and her husband Paul never ended up having any kids although they tried for years.
• Julia moved to France after her and Paul were married since Paul worked for the US governent. He promoted the Us culture to the French. He worked all day and she learned the french language and to cook.
• Julia repeatedly recalled her first meal in Rouen of oysters, sole meunière, and fine wine as a culinary revelation. She described the experience once in The New York Times newspaper as "an opening up of the soul and spirit for me".
• Julia introduced French cuisine and cooking techniques to the American mainstream through her many cookbooks and television programs.
• She was quite funny and could win most people over.
• She and her friends would constantly talk about food and so they called themselves "foodies"
This book made me want to travel to France more than I already did. And I have made 4 french meals since reading it. :) 4 out of 5.

3. Rekindled by Tamera Alexander
I totally picked this book up at the library knowing nothing about it. My dad always used to read westerns (and still does) and I've been known to read a few of his in the past. But this was a love story too. Intriguing! It actually ended up being a christan love story. Which is nice that you don't have to worry about skipping over any nastiness. The main two characters, Kathryn and Larson are ranchers in the Colorado Territory who aren't fairing so well. They have never gotten the baby they so badly wanted, have had to sell more and more of their land since their livestock isn't doing so well. They have a empty marriage. Larson is in an accident while away from home and Kathryn doesn't know what has happened to him. After four months of cold winter she assumes he has died. She realizes how much different she should have treated her husband when he was home. It is a story of finding each other again and seeing what is the best in your spouse. And woven into that is references to the Bible and God's plan for each of us. It's not a typical book I would read, but I ended up quite enjoying it. I'll give it a 3 out of 5.

4. Mozart's Sister by Nancy Moser
I just finished this one tonight. Another total random library pick. It is a historical fiction based on letters that were written between members of the Mozart family. Wolfgang Mozart (who I am pretty sure you've all heard of!) had an older sister, Nannerl, who was also an amazing musician. They travel Europe doing concerts for quite a few years. Playing duets and solos. Nannerl did not have the same opportunities as Wolfgang (or Wolfie as she called him) because she was a woman. And women were not allowed to be paid performers.
This book tells, from Nannerl's perspective, about her growing up and life with (and without) Wolfgang. It is an easy read (i read it in 2 days) with lots of references to music and even talks a lot about what Europe was like back in this time period. I'd give it 3 out of 5.

As for my next books.... i've already started
Einstein Never Used Flash Cards and
Away from Her by Alice Murno.

What are you reading?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Seven

1. Thankful that things went pretty good at a FREEZING cold wedding in Banff that I shot with my brother Sean. It was COLD. But fun.

2. Thankful for good books. Finished reading Julia Child's biography. And loved it. She was quite the lady. She was really tall (and actually had the same size feet as me...12). She and her hubby Paul were both in the Army and that's how they met. They got transferred to Paris when Paul was working for the American government and he was busy all day and that is where she fell in love with food. And decided to learn to cook it. She always wanted kids but they never ended up ever getting pregnant. Her famous book about French cooking took her over 15 years to write. And was first WAY longer.

3. Thankful that it was warmer today. Seriously too cold lately.

4. Thankful for the library. Love to get books and so do my kiddos.

5. Thankful for a healthy baby as seen in the ultrasound. I had my 20 week one and the lady couldn't see the spine fully so she wanted me to come back (annoying) but then Regan could come to the next one. So both kiddos came too. And in the waiting room Lucy kept saying, "well where is the ultrasound?" over and over. Then in the room she looked at the screen and says "I don't see a baby" Alden replies "it looks like a dragon." :) Lucy kept asking for the rest of the day where the ultrasound was. It was funny. She'd pronounce it like ULTRAsound. heehee

6. Thankful for the sweet deal on a little piano we got this weekend. It needs a bit of tune up. But so excited that we have it in our home. Regan plays and so do I. And since Alden has been in music classes for 2 years now, he is learning a lot. Now we can transfer that to the piano. So cool.

7. Thankful to be feeling a lot better lately. I am more forgetful (if that is possible!) but feeling less sick.

And here are two fav photos from the last posted shoot on my photo blog.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Motherhood Questions

My SIL Susie and my friend Alysha did this on their blogs and I thought they were cute. So here is my go too...

Typical time of wake-up:
um 800am... unless it's not a school day... then we all sleep in until 9 or 930 sometimes..... :) (I know I am spoiled!)

On a good night when you/kids go to sleep:
Alden: 8pm
Lucy: if she had a nap then 730-8, if she didn't have a nap 630-7

How long you have been a momma:

5 years, 3 months, and 21 days.

How many times have you been a new mom:
2 and soon to be 3.

How old were you when you became a mom (is this to personal?):

Favorite Kids show:
Veggie Tales!!!

Least Favorite Kids show:
So many to choose from...

Favorite chore:
lately I don't really have one... but I don't mind dishes. And vacuuming.

Least favorite chore:

Totally the bathroom. Especially since Alden got potty trained.

Meal you cook most often:
hmmm I try and rotate it quite a bit. But some of the ones we eat a lot are spaghetti, hawaiian haystacks, beef stroganoff, pancakes, roast chicken & fixings,

Kids favorite meal:
Alden: peanut butter sandwiches and sometimes he really likes macaroni
Lucy: hot dogs, meatballs, chicken nugets

5 things that make you smile when you are being a mom:

1.When Lucy repeats everything I say as a question. it cracks me up.
2.Alden and Lucy playing together. Nothing is better.
3.How Lucy whispers "love you mommy" when I lay her down at night.
4.Alden asking me to snuggle him
5.silly knock knock jokes

Favorite thing your husband does with your kids:
He uses different voices when reading books to the kids. You should hear his Mickey Mouse voice!

Last time you went out with no kids:
Today for my ultrasound.

If you could take your kids anywhere where would it be:
back to Nova Scotia for a visit

Favorite pastime/activity with kids:

1 thing you said you would never do when you were a mom:
Kids would keep getting out of bed over and over after we've said good night.

If you had an afternoon to yourself what would you do?
nap and scrapbook and eat.

1 thing you do that your mom did & now you do:

Favorite quality of your own mom:

Her love is just bubbiling out of her. Everyone around her is smothered in it.

Favorite kids book:

Best advice for a new mom:
I never do ANY housework after my kids are in bed. If anything I would only do the dishes. I think night time is my time. And I started that after Alden was born and I stick to it. It gives me something I really need. My own time to do whatever I want.

Scariest or most heartbreaking moment as a mom:
Waking up after being moved to my room after delivering Lucy and Lucy wasn't there. After paging the nurse to ask where my brand new baby was, all she said was "Didn't anyone come to talk to you?" Which I was then in a panic. Then going down to the NICU and seeing her all tubed up and moniters. Unable to hold or touch her. Horrible experience.

Most joyful moment as a mom:
When they first lay that baby on your chest after they are born.

Last time your child told you they love you:
tonight when I put them to bed.

Last time you said I love you to your kid:
When I put the kiddos to bed tonight.

Love these two. Tons.
And everyday I hope I am doing right by them.

And as for the belly shot, I'll try and take on in the next few days. :)

Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Seven

1. Thankful for the opportunity to scrapbook. And the supplies.
(My pages this past week from February 2008 kit.)

2. Thankful for a wonderful man and leader who lived a good life and that a new leader and prophet is called to guide us.

3. Thankful to watch classic old good movies while spending time with Regan.

4. Thankful that grandma and grandpa are always willing to have us over and even watch our kids (plus extras sometimes).

5. Thankful for good books. Just finished this book.
(sorry the picture is all grainy...)
And i LOVED it. IT is the biography of Audrey Hepburn. Regan got it for me for Christmas. She is my favorite actress. Love her movies. And Love her even more now that I've read about what an incredible person she was!
I'm reading this one now.

I'm halfway thru it and it is just wonderful too. I really love reading biographies! After I'm done I'll give you some intersting tidbits about her. She was really quite the lady! And in honor of all of the French food I am reading about, I am cooking Poulet Poche Aux Aromates for dinner with Crepes Fines Sucrees for dessert. Hope the guests engoy it! :)

6. Thankful that my kids play and play and play. We've had a friend of Alden's sleeping over for 3 nights. It was adventerous but fun. And now that the kids are by themselves that have been in SERIOUS play mode. Both making up their own little stories and talking to themselves right now around me. It is so cute. Lucy acts out Dora stories she has read and Alden makes up complete mixes of stories, movies and new things to make stories.

7. Thankful for when Alden sits and lets me take his picture. Especially when I don't have to even bribe him. :)