Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Alden: "mom are we going to a public library?"
M: "yes"
A: "Do they have public movies?"
M: "All movies are public."
Dad:" Alden do you know what public means?"
A: "No"
D: "Public means anyone can use it."
A: "Do they have public car transporters?"
D: "No"
A: "Hey mom, look we're coming up to a public swimming pool!"

Last night during Family Home Evening about love Dad asked a question about love.
Dad: "Is there anyone we aren't supposed to love?"
Lucy: "We aren't supposed to love strangers."
Alden: (said while pointing his hand at her like a gun) "Lucy, that's totally right!"

i love recording what my kids say. It's so funny.
And i love using it on scrapbook pages...





and one of Eli

Monday, March 30, 2009

Confession time

Lately I feel like I just can't pull myself together.

I hold myself to pretty high expectations sometimes. In quite a few areas.
And sometimes I really miss the mark and I am left worrying and frustrated with not getting as much done as I think I should be.

Some things that should be getting done haven't been.
And some things that don't HAVE to be done, have been.
But lots of things I WANT to be done aren't done at all.

As much as I want the attitude "it's okay, I'll try again tomorrow and do better" that doesn't come so naturally to me. I'm more of the "should have, could have but didn't, oh why didn't I" kinda gal.

So if I haven't gotten around to a few things I was supposed to do for you, please accept my apologizes. I seem to have a million things on the go currently.

And yet I am only thinking about finding a house and moving. I found a house, but someone else bought it. So in two weeks at Easter, we'll go down (reg will be DONE med school by then (CRAZY!)) and try and find a house.

I want to find a house we love. And I don't want to be crammed into a small place. I'm not expecting my dream house at all. But I want to get somewhere that all of us can fit comfortably for 2 years. With a kitchen I love. Since it's true what Lindsay says that I live in the kitchen.

I don't ever want to be a demanding wife. You know those marriages where the wife wears the pants (you all know someone, and if you don't YOU'RE probably it ;) ) or where the husband totally does. With me and Reg we try and get a healthy balance where we both have a leg in. I try to not push what I want onto my husband. But I don't want to be my mom, who has done without LOTS of things cause she didn't want to nag or sound demanding. Another area where I lack I guess.

Man I guess this is all confession time eh?

On that note, I have two bags of fuzzy peaches, a pack of rolo's and one fruit and nut chocolate bar hiding in my underwear drawer. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Thoughts on Wednesday

1. I love taking pictures in people's homes. Spending time with them and enjoying the feeling they've already got going on.
Add in a super cute boy and a nice home and it adds to the experience. :)
There are lots more on my photo blog of this cute little man.

2. I made this cake for my book club.
and it was super good. I'll try and post the recipe on Everyday Meals early next week.

3. I think those few warm days of spring was just a TEASE. I soooo am ready for birds and green grass and outdoor photo shoots. We did make it the park one day and the next it snowed 6 inches. Silly Alberta weather!

4. I don't know if I've mentioned lately how much I love buying little girls clothes. It's terrible. You get a sense of the cute blazer I got Lucy (but she wasn't into cooperating for a real photo) but it is SO cute. I just love it.

5. I'm off to Southern Alberta today to go house shopping tomorrow. We've been working on getting pre approved so I can find one and just do it. Wish me luck! :)

What have you been up to?

Thursday, March 19, 2009


the cute photo of the day is Eli.
also called
mr. magoo
little man
grabby grabberson

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lie to me baby

Last night at 4:30 am (I guess I should say this morning) I told a lie.
I have been into Eli's room about 3 times, one of which lasted 30 minutes.
(He's not feeling well.)
Lucy had woken up screaming, just as I had gotten back into bed from Eli.
Regan usually responds to the older two (since they rarely get up).
He went in and she told him there was something touched her while she was sleeping.
A bug apparently. It was sitting on her bed. To calm her down, he turned on the light, showed her there was nothing there and then snuggled with her for a few minutes before leaving her to go back to sleep.
20 minutes later I was just leaving Eli's room again. And I notice Lucy's light on.
So I open the door and ask her what she is doing.
She says she has to pee. And I take her to the bathroom.
When I take her back to bed, she tells me that her and her babies (she apparently has "tons of kids" future octo-mom?) are going to cry when I leave.
I ask why.
She says cause something is sitting on her bed.
(at this point I am thinking reading the book Nightmare in my closet was a bad idea before bed)
I turn on the light again and show her nothing is there.
She tells me she's going to cry because "a bug touched her, that's why dad came in here."
I said "I know, dad stepped on it and killed it."
She responds "well what kind was it?"
I guess... "a spider?"
She responds "oh good. good night."

So was it worth it...... um totally.

A friend from out east told me that she used to tell her kids that you weren't allowed to go on wet grass in the morning. As in, it's against the law. Her kids would ask to go outside first thing. And she didn't have a fenced yard and she didn't want to go outside at 7:30 am to watch her kids play. She wanted to hang out in her pjs.

We had a dog that I thought had run away for years (I mean years), I learned after I was married that he died another way. My dad just shrugged his shoulders when I asked.

My oldest brother thought for years that if you shot grouse a certain way they would always land at your feet.

According to a survey in the March Redbook parents more than 84% of parents admit to lying to their kids at least once a month.

I've heard of kids who were told elves or some other thing would come at night and take all the toys away if they didn't clean them up...

How about you?
Ever told a lie to your kids?
Or been told one?
Or do you think truth no matter what....Even if it's 4:30am and you have only slept about 2 hours?

Speaking the little sick guy....

I find him like this about 20 times a day. (well maybe not 20.... but a lot!)

The first thing he does when you set him down is crawl over to the couch, walk along it and over to the piano and start to play.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Scrappy Share

One of the things I love to use on my scrapbook pages is my sewing machine.
If you use a denim needle it slides through paper like butter.
I love it because....
it adds so much texture
it is a pretty inexpensive embellishment (if you already have a machine)
you can color code it to any page (the dollar store has TONS of different colors of thread)
you can use it to hold things down.

This page is from the March 2009 Scraptivity kit seen here.
And my 8x12 print is from Costco.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lethbridge here we come

I just read the news (I've been checking regan's school email constantly to see where we are going) and it's official, we are moving to Lethbridge!

And I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy. :)

And since a post is no fun without photos.... here are some cute babies I am currently editing....

(more of them on my photo blog)

Monday, March 09, 2009


well it's match day.
and it's official.

We matched to the Rural Alberta South Residency Program.
It was our first choice.
And we are super duper excited about the whole thing.

It means
1. we will be moving out of the city.
2. we will be moving to either Lethbridge or Medicine Hat.
3. we will be pushing hard for Lethbridge.
4. we will be moving out of the city.
5. pretty soon you can call Regan - Dr. Steed, and he'll even answer you.

ps did I mention it means we'll be moving out of the city?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Today I am

worrying about how much the van is going to cost to get fixed.

exhausted from another night of bad sleep by Eli.

pondering my talk topic for an upcoming talk in church

watching more kids.

designing logos for my brothers' business

wanting to spend time scrapbooking

wishing the house I liked hadn't sold yet

waiting for monday when we find out where we are moving too for residency

sick and tired of cold weather

editing photos from this shoot.


what about you... what are you up to?

Monday, March 02, 2009

8 Months

Eli at 8 months:
• going to bed at 7pm and getting up at 6:30 - 7am (he didn't get the memo that we sleep in around here)
• started getting up at 3am for some milk for the past few weeks
• is crawling everywhere
• climbed up to our first landing all by himself yesterday (and really FAST too!)
• loves to walk around the furniture (cruising)
• loves being tossed onto the couch (he laughs so hard when we do this!)
• is constantly pushing himself to learn more, try more, etc
• frequently stands up holding onto something, grabs something in his hands and then just lets go of whatever he was holding on to (making himself fall)
• frequently hurts himself (see previous one)
• wants to go into Alden's or Lucy's room - all the time
• thinks the kids jumping is so funny
• is eating everything except eggs, honey and peanut butter
• can drink from a cup (he loves cow's milk)
• cries when I leave the room (or if he hears my voice in another room
• can sit without support
• can "rake" a small toy toward him on the floor and pick it up.
• can get into a sitting position from her stomach.
• looks for dropped objects.
• gets upset when I take something away or when I walk out of the room
• can wave the queen wave
• LOVES to sit at the piano and bang on the keys
• is super hard at church now that he gets around
• loves to read books
• is pretty much always standing up in his bed when I go in to get him
• loves to eat crackers and those little freeze dried star shaped things
• is getting really hard to take a picture of since he keeps crawling away......
• really is such a sweet heart!

• seen here with his three boy cousins all born within 6 months of each other