Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spiritual Sundays

“The togetherness of technology is no substitute for the family.” - Neal A Maxwell, GC Apr 2001

23 January 2012

Every morning at nap time when I am nursing Oliver in his room before nap I notice the light coming into his room. And every day I think I should capture it. And I finally did. Love this little ear. And this little man. And these quiet moments we share together in the midst of all the other kids and all the noise. Just the two of us together.

Mummy DOES love Oliver


Visible Voice said...

Oh my word he's adorable.

Melissa Rich said...

So very sweet! I cherish those moments with my little one too ;) It keeps me sane in a crazy house.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

O he is so sweet! I often do that with light too and am so glad when I finally remember to grab my camera!

rebecca said...

awe...that smile!! love it Rhonda! :) what a sweetheart. loved every quiet moment I could find with baby #4....your photos + post brought back memories. sniff. sniff. :( so fun to have you linking up this week! yay!! :)

Amy said...

Man, you can tell your kids and Bryan's are related.