Wednesday, March 28, 2007


A little sneak of the wedding my brother Sean and I did. This is my favorite shot overall that I took. There are a few more on my photoblog.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I've been thinking lately about being a mom.
I know that it is one of the things that God has planned in this life, as a vital experience. Yes, not all people get to experience (half of the population can't for biological reasons) but for women. It changes you.
And I think most women want to be a mom. It is a part of being a woman.
Something you really can't *get* until you are right up to your armpits in it.
It's one of those have to live-through-it-to-get-it experiences.

I've been thinking about how different and the same our experiences as mom's are.
We all love our kids. It is part of it.
If we are strict about bedtime, or let them stay up.
If we feed them McDonald's four times a week or never let them eat processed foods.
We love our kids.Something I think we forget about each other as women.
Even if someone else does it different that you, as much as you love your child, they love theirs that much too.
That's what makes us moms.

But even in all the love, we don't know what we are doing.
There are no manuals. No text books.
I remember reading a book about toddlers when Alden was 2. It said that two year old's don't have long attention spans, they run around and are loud and that they are going to say no all the time.
Well my kid didn't. He had an amazingly long attention span.
He would play quietly by himself in his room.
And he didn't really say much at all.
After I read the first chapter I phoned my mom and told her that the book wasn't like my kid at all. He isn't a cookie cutter kid.

But you know what. No kid is a cookie cutter kid.
Every child is different.
And that is where the beauty in God's plan to have mom's comes in.

Not long ago I was listening to some mom's talk about their kids. One was expressing concern over putting her child into preschool and which one.
Another mom, intently listening, gave some advice that has been on my mind.
She told of her own experience with her oldest child, and how she had thought something needed to be checked. A little nagging feeling that she had about his school and how he was handling it. So she went in to the school and the teacher brushed her feelings aside and told her that everything was fine. A while later, a long while later, she realized that her feeling had been right. And she marched into that school, took her child and enrolled him in a school that would take her concerns and thoughts seriously. She said to always trust your instincts. As a mom. You know. No one knows your kids better than you. And no one will fight for them as hard as you will.

And I've thought about that. A lot.

It's interesting that mom's have guilt built right in.
We are so concerned about how we are doing and what and if it is too much or not enough. And at the same time we have to have confidence in ourselves.
And in our feelings and promptings. God made it that way.
Isn't that interesting.
And doesn't it give you hope.
That some how you will figure it out.
This mothering thing.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

In the Kitchen: Bake day

Yesterday was bake day around my house.
I remember bake days from when I was a little girl and my mom would get up really early. And I would wake to the smell of cooking bread, or buns or muffins.
Baking runs in my family. My great grandma, my grandma, my mom, they all bake.
For me there is something soothing about mixing the dough, rolling and watching it rise. I throughly enjoy it. I think because it reminds me of being a little girl. Having a white apron wrapped around my waist a couple times, standing on a stool or chair and forming perfectly shaped dinner rolls with my mom.
It was something that we did together.
And something that was special to the girls. Me and My mom and Kelly.
The distinct smell of yeast. How warm the kitchen would get while the dough would rise. And how delighted people would be when we would take freshly baked, still warm goods to others.
I will always remember how often my mom would take food to others. And how much she delighted that she could share that. We didn't havea lot of money growing up, but my mom found a way to serve others, often in way that they couldn't do for themselves. She loved with food. Just like my grandmother started showing her when she was a child.
On bake days I make a list. Of people who I think most need some love. It's not a lot, but I feel apart of my grandmother, my mother, my sister, when I take freshly baked still warm goods to others. I love to share that with others. Some thing that i can do.
And hopefully my children, espcially my little girls, will grow up knowing that I tried to serve, albeit in my own way, to share love.
And that they will want to do the same.

Monday, March 19, 2007


alden: "Hey mom"
me: "yes?"
alden: "where do these tunnels go?"

Thursday, March 15, 2007


So last night we went on a date.
My momma is here and she was kind enough to let us go out on a date.
I had gone grocery shopping the night before and got some Multi grain cheerios.
And on the box was a free movie ticket.

Well we decided to go the movie on our date.
WE went to Music and Lyrics.
And since, we could go the store and get another box of cereal for $4.25 and get a movie ticket, or we could pay $11 for the movie.

We went to the movie.
And then had some good cereal for breakfast.

Had a good photoshoot today.
I'll try to share some photos as soon as I can.

Monday, March 12, 2007


A couple of people have asked me about my pictures.
So I'll give you the low down.
at least as far as I know it. :)

Q. What kind of camera do you use?

A. My camerea is the Nikon D80. I have a 50mm lense and the kit lense that comes with it. Both great. Right now I am borrowing a friends' 70-300mm lense too. I love love love love (x100) my camera. I am thankful for it everyday.

Q. "Your kids eyes always look great, do you do anything to them?"
A. Yep they have their dad's GREAT crystal blue eyes. His color and My shape. I think at least. They are easy to photograph because they have such a rich color and big eyes. Most of the time I run a few actions on my pictures in photoshop. I always lightening the catchlights a bit with the dodge tool. Set at highlights, Exposure at 8 and my brush at about a 47. It just lightens the light in their eyes and makes them look that much better. I also had a professional photographer tell me that if the eyes are in focus, the picture always looks better. So I often run an unshapren mask on just the eye area. Not always, but sometimes it adds a little touch of goodness.

I downloaded a great action called basic boost, which I jsut LOVE. It takes that smurky grey look that digital photos have. Clears them up really nicely. I almost always run that one. And then a USM action that I have too.

I bought some plain cotton for my black background. It was seriously cheap. I am going to cut it in half and sew it together, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. But it has worked just fine how it is. I have some other ideas for baby backdrops, the I am going to get for my next baby shoot that is coming up.

I am going to teach a little class on photography coming up on April 10th.
And I read on Heather's blog about her photo process. She had some great tips and ideas.

My tips.
1. Get closer. I learned in a college photography class that if you are afraid to get in the way by getting to close, then you shouldn't be taking pictures. You have to be unafraid to get right in there. I am a big fan of close shots. (That's espcially why I love my new 50mm lense!!)

2. Before you shoot, notice the lighting. I am a BIG fan of natural light. I hate the flash. I know it is necessary sometimes. But natural light is so much more flattering. And natural looking... since it's natural. :) Look and see if you can rotate 30 degrees and get more light on the person's face. It will help all around.

3. If the person in the photo is uncomfortable in the pose, they will look it in the picture. I am not much of a poser, I like people to be natural. How they would normally stand or sit. But when you have to pose them, make sure they are comfortable.

4. Look what is in the background. Look for disctracting colors, objects, people. Anything you don't want. Move so it won't be there, or make sure you can photoshop it so that you do like it.

5. the thirds rule. To not put something right in the very center. That is something my momma taught me a long time ago with painting. Make the subject off center. It kinds of gives a little breathing space to your pictures. Some of my favorite pictures have lots of open space on one side or the other.

6. Look for emotions. I think those make the best pictures. When shooting people in love, look for them naturally displaying the love. It's there. You just need to be patient and watch for it, and be ready to catch it with your camera.

7. Get up or get down. On the floor with the kids, or up above the person. But make sure if someone is looking up to you, make sure they are looking with their whole face, not just their eyes looking up to you. It's that whole natural look thing on number 3.

I guess those are the things I try to keep in mind while I am taking pictures. I have so much more to learn but I think the amount of pictures I have been taking lately is really helping too. Practice practice practice. I think too, I have some photographers that I really look up to and I have studied their work and tried to figure out what appeals to me in their photos. I keep looking at their stuff. To get inspiration. And then try and impliment that into my own photos. There are so many awesome photographers out there!

This week I have a photo shoot with my Wedding clients that are coming up on the 24th. We are having a meet to see where they are getting married, and I haven't met them yet. So we are doing that. One of my brothers Sean and I are doing the wedding together. He will be with the groom and I will be with the bride before the wedding, and then we will be shooting the rest of it together. One price, two cameras. I think it is a great way to go! (and we don't cost to much either. ;) )

On that note, I'll leave you with one of my favorites from a couple of days ago. Alden and Lucy snuggling nad laughing together. Love it!


Thursday, March 08, 2007

this little girl

This little girls has recently decided that she loves to wear her big brothers Thomas slippers. But she quickly realized that it is way easier to only wear one. Cause she trips when she wears two - they are waaaay too big. But oh so stylish!

And here are two more of my favorites from yesterday.

And I forgot to mention, i've added another session to my photoblog.
Take a look if you so desire.

Monday, March 05, 2007

um... .stuff

First, thanks. It's nice to see who's out there...reading.
And I especially enjoyed Peter's funny comment.

Second, the phone is fixed. Which means Peter - you can call now.

Third, Here are some pages from the Scraptivity March kit.
The design team did a GREAT job this month. You can check them all out
here. Some new and exciting things will be happening around Scraptivity. It was recently sold to a great new owner Barb. (Or Barb-a-rama as I like to call her.) Better customer service, lots of improvements.

Fourth, check out this coooooolio Etsy shop. It has the cooolest handmade jelwery made from antiques. The Broken Plate. For those of you who don't know, Etsy is like an online craft/ handmade shop. Anyone can make a shop and then you sell your stuff on there. There is some COOL stuff. I love the homemade toys, the art, stationary. Lots of really cool stuff. One of my favorite Scrapbookers EVER has a Etsy shop. One day I'll buy something she has made. (You can check out Rebecca Sower's stuff

Fifth, we've had a billet staying with us for the last few days. Grace. She is gone now, but it was so great to have her here. We made a new friend for sure! She came to do an interview for Medical school at U of C. We'll see if she comes back . She is from Newfoundland. (so if you are reading this Grace - it was great to have you here!!!)

Sixth, I am losing my voice. It sounds awful - but i don't feel sick. i lose mine a lot. and i haven't for a while... so it's time.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

i've been busy

Painted my living room.
Painted my bathroom.
Hung up lots of pictures.
Got new curtains for the living room.
It's really starting to look like we live here.

And my shaw digital phone isn't working.
As in we have no phone.
The internet works fine.... but no dial tone.
And I've checked all the plug ins already about four times.
I was going to call my mom tonight.... but I can't.
I was going to return the message from yesterday... but I can't.
I was going to call shaw to get my phone working.... but I can't.

As for the blog....
I wanna know who is reading this thing.
Let me know.
Someone asked me and I have no idea.
Pretty please.
Even just leave your name.

Even those cousins or brother in laws who I know read it.

Come on, you can do it.

**Edited to add some pictures.**
The kitchen.
It used to be orange. Like HELLO orange. Pumpkin orange.
Which Alden told me was "beautiful"
I didn't agree.

This is my new fruit bowl I got. It's made in Italy. Doesn't that make me sound fancy. Even though I'm not at all. :)

I did the whole backsplash in these tile thingies. It was orange too. Blech.

In the short hallway between the LR and kitchen is my fav picture my sister Kelly did.

The living room. It is robin's egg blue.

Hopefully we will be getting the new-to-us couches soon.
They are dark blue leather. coolio.

The colors are off, but my momma got me this cool sign I love.
And it totally matches my living room. :)

The bathroom. This picture has the closest color.
But really all of them are off! It's brighter!

My light house I love.