Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Have you ever had a friend who makes you want to be better?
Just by being herself.
So kind and giving and just so true.
I do.
A good, good friend.
She is like a sister to me.
She believes in me, trusts me, talks to me.
I think she is one of the only people in my life who I can be completely ungarded with.
Talk about anything and everything.
Who holds the same values - to the same levels.
That is not something that you stumble across every day.
Who I miss every day since we have moved back home to Alberta.
And who's birthday it is today.

I miss you Kelly.
And I love you tons.
Happy Birthday!!!
Hope it was a good one!

Monday, January 29, 2007


This cracks me up.
Who goes looking for a chocolate bar and thinks...
"oh good the Aero Chunky is a good source of calcium!!"

That's makes me feel better about eating it.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

this boy.....

While driving home from a friend's house I suggested we should go to the park,
since it was so nice out.
His response.
"I can't, I'm too lazy."
That sealed the deal.
We went to the park!

After asking me to watch a movie again, and having me say no again.
His response.
"But mom, I'm just so sad about that."

While helping him say his bedtime prayers last night, I prompted him to thank Heavenly Father for his dad, his mom, Lucy and Alden.
His response.
"But what about dad? he's my favorite."

This boy, makes me laugh every day.
Even when he's not trying!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

self esteem

I read something about a child's self esteem.
Up to age 6, according to the article, you can get a good sense of the child's self esteem if you ask them what they are good at. If they say something quickly they have a healthy self esteem.
If they say nothing, they need to be boosted and praised and lifted a bit more.

So I asked Alden today.
Me: "Alden what are you good at?"
Alden: "I'm good at breakfast. But not good at supper. I'm good when it's sunny but not when it's dark."
He speaks the truth.

Today we went sledding with another family.
The husband is in 1st year medical school with Regan.
They have 4 kids.
And the last two are born exactally same as ours plus one day.
Kinda funny.
Anyway, I think I got some good photos to share, but I ahve to load them to the computer first. :)

Friday, January 19, 2007

these two

are learning to play together.
And exist happily together.
And nothing makes me happier than that.
Yesterday they were playing "trick or treat."
Alden would hold out his bucket and Lucy would fill it with blocks.
And Alden would pretend to eat it. His candy.
And then Lucy would hold it out and Alden would fill it with blocks.
They had fun.

After their trick or treat game, they both had a bath together.
Which was a big deal, cause Alden likes to have the whole bathtub to himself.
He is a 2 hour per bath kinda kid.
Lucy loves it, but is in and out.

So I finally get them both in the bath, all the toys are in....
I start by soaping up Alden's hair....
and I see a UFO (Unidentified FOREIGN object).
Little Lucy pooed in the tub.
So I had to grab them both out, all the toys, clean the tub and then run water again and wash that soap out of Alden's hair and wash Lucy.
It was an eventful bath. But they were having fun together!

Today Lucy sat and watched him play his v-smile game.
I love to see these two together. Laughing, playing.
Enjoying each other.
It makes my heart swell in a way that is hard to describe with words.
It's love.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Lucy doing her cheese face.
She thinks she is so funny when she does this!
It's totally cute!

Alden is supposed to be eating his lunch and watching his movie.....
He held his sandwhich like that for like 35 minutes.
And no he didn't end up eating anymore.

Playing in the tunnel.

Alden's Primary teacher (church) made him this candy train for Christmas.
He thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Lucy loves to talk on the phone.
Whenever I am on the phone she tries to grab in until she can say hi.
Totally cute.
We still are working on holding it the right way. :)

Sunday, January 14, 2007


You one thing that I think it so funny about being a parent.
How God makes you eat your words.
You say I'll never let my child do whatever..... and what do ya know - your kid is doing it.
You'll never have a child that stays up late, or is a picky eater, or give a soother to your kid.
Or whatever it is.
Every body has those "I'll/they'll never" ideas.
Even if you don't say them.... there in there.
And then God gives you a child that does that.

And i think it's good.
Cause you can see that that was a prideful, judgemental thought anyway.
Since you haven't been in that situation.
That is God.
Teaching you.
He brings your sad little-judgemental-self around full circle.

I have heard mom's talking about how they cry when their kids go to school.
And how they are all tears and can't believe their baby is so big.

And to be honest.
I thought they were being wimpy.
Buck up.
You get to send your kid off for the day.
That sounds awesome.

Well, tomorrow I am going to register Alden for Preschool.
It isn't even kindergarden yet.
And he won't even start til September.
But I feel all emotional and weepy about it.
How silly.
Guess God is bringing me full circle. again.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

baby walker

Wanna take a peek??

Love the newness of a fresh baby.

my word

My word is Faith.

religion: a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny
complete confidence in a person or plan etc;
loyalty or allegiance to a cause or a person;
is accepting the truth and the person the truth actually represents.
Faith is trusting entirely on that truth and that person alone forever.
Aceptance of ideals, beliefs, etc., which are not necessarily demonstrable through experimentation or reason.
is unshakable by situations, pain, apparent failure, or ridicule.
confident belief in the truth of a person, idea, or thing.

Not just in religious terms - although is definately part of it.
But in the whole spectrum of my life.
This year, this is my goal. And on my mind.

My friend Carmen finally helped me figure out what I wanted to use, after I read her comment.
So thanks Carmen!

As for other stuff.... I have done a few photos shoots lately, and as soon as i can get blogger to load photos I'll share some stuff.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year

Well it has been a great holiday.
I have enjoyed all of it.
Watching my children enjoy family.
Watching my SIL Brooke get married to someone who loves her completely.
Enjoying every moment of Regan's free time.
But it is gooood to be home.
There is something to be said about being in your own space.
Your own bed.

But we are back down this weekend for Ukrainian Christmas.
Totally excited about doing that with my family this year.

Thought a lot about something Ali Edwards wrote.

"Can you identify a single word that sums up what you want for yourself in 2007?

It can be something tangible or intangible. It could be a thought or a feeling or an emotion. It can be singular or plural. The key is to find something that has personal meaning for you. This is not your mother's word or your spouse's word or your child's word - this is YOUR word.

One little word can have big meaning in your life if you allow yourself to be open to the possibilities. And here's one thing that is totally interesting: sometimes a word will pop into your brain and it will not make any sense to you right now. Give it some time. Let it percolate a bit. I have often found that our hearts speak to us in very unique ways. Maybe this is a word you need to hear but just aren't ready for it yet. Again, be open to the possibilities."

I'm going to be thinking about my word this week, do you have one?