Monday, July 23, 2007

LA part 2

First off i'll answer the questions.

Julia - "did you see anyone famous?"
We saw a limo, which of course had a famous person inside it.
I mean h.e.l.l.o.
we were in LA!
No idea.
But i'm sure it was someone totally famous!

Also saw a famous photographer.
More on that in the post down further.

Crystal- "Did your kids miss you?"
Um Alden.
Doubt it.
He said he was glad to see us and then promptly asked what we brought him.
(when we showed him the cool metal spiderman lunch box we got him, he ask for the kinder surprise egg that he thought we should have brought him.
He had lots of fun at grandmas.

Lucy did good too.
She has been extra clingy since I got home though.
And she isn't really like that at grandma's house.
So I'll take that as a yes, she missed me.

Day 2 in LA:
In the morning I would rent a cruiser bike and ride along as Regan went running.
It was a fun way for us both to get some exercise and still hang out.
I'd go a bit further and then turn around and catch up with him again at the end.
As I was riding along I saw Dolphins.
Two groups of them.

Pods? I think you call them?

I just call them cool.

Then we drove up to
Universal Studios.

Walked around Universal town or whatever it is called before you get into the theme park part.

Saw the big guitar.

We went into this Martin Lawrence art gallery that was right there.
Regan was indulging me.
the good guy.

I saw some wonderful art.
5 original Picassos.
4 original Monets.
3 Dali's

Amazing stuff.

Saw some new artist's I hadn't before.
Rene LALONDE a fellow Canadian

And this guy.
I LOVE this stuff.
He had this one similar to this one here where he had painted it on top of an old sea map.
i loved it so much.
I looked at it for quite a while.
In fact, a sales lady tried to sell it to me.
For $3000.

We had a chuckle over that.
Not that it wasn't worth $3000.

But the fact that she thought we would have that kind of money.
We don't really dress like high rollers.

Just so you know, if I had the money, I would have bought it.
That's how much i loved it.

Got into the theme park.
Went into this.

(Especially the screaming people.)

Thought this was a coolio street.
Had store fronts from a good movie.
Notting Hill

Went on the Universal Tour.
Pretty cool how they make movies.

Cars from those racing shows... you know

From King Kong.

Can't remember the movie this was from but it was pretty crazy to see the actual plane they had destroyed for a movie.
Wow. What a big mess.

Famous person number 1 and 2

Famous person number 3.

Okay the actual famous person we saw.
Anne Leibovitz
Apparently she (red arrow) was taking a picture of another famous person (blue arrow), unnamed, for an upcoming ad series.

Pretty exciting eh?

While at Universal we went on rides.
Including the Jurassic Park one three times in a row.
Regan was loving in.
And I was making him happy.

Fun times.
Good day.

I forgot to add the the night before we went to Transformers.
And yes.
Two big thumbs up here!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

LA part 1

Well we got back a week ago.
But i haven't been near my computer with all my pictures on it.
So I couldn't do a post to tell ya'll about it.
We have a 4 week rotation in Ray-town.
Back for the weekend.

And I know you have all just been beside yourselves with an update.
I know.
It's okay.
I'm here now.

Monday morning we left for LA.
Pretty weird that we had dropped the kiddos of to g&g steed the night before.
Weird to sleep at our house without the kiddos here.
Got up and headed off to the plane.
All went smooth - although I really wanted to get a stamp in my passport.
I mean I paid $80+ for it.
And I really don't travel much.
And it has 24 pages in it.
But no stamp.
Just a grumpy guard.

Flight. A-Okay.
It's really nice to travel without having to entertain children.
I like that.

Landed and took the shuttle to get our rent-a-car.
Picked out this one.

We found a 7-11 first off and got a map.
(and two american chocolate bars.)
Headed in the direction of our hotel.

After we got settled and checked into our hotel we went for a walk.
We stayed in Redondo Beach.
Went for a walk along King Harbour and checked out the bay.

Saw a sailing class.
Which was cool.
Some people were doing better than others.....

Saw lots of pelicans.

Went out to eat here.
Which I loved.
When I was a kid I always wanted to have a restaurant.
And old fashioned 50's one.
And this one was just like I used to dream of.
Except I wouldn't have the uniforms that short.

Went for a walk on the beach. And put my foot in the Pacific.
Now i've been in both the Pacific and the Atlantic.
Which is pretty good for someone who travels very little!

I loved seeing the beach.
And I thought a lot about how cool it would be to do a photo shoot there.
So many cool little places to take pictures.
But I wouldn't make Reg do that.
That wouldn't be a fun vacation for him.
He let me take lots.

(in fact he told me I was soooo touristy.
with my big camera around me neck everywhere we went.
Yep. No denying it. I was.

In the evening we drove into Hollywood.
Thought there would be less traffic than during the day.
Still lots of cars.
Saw this on the drive.

We turned on Santa Monica Blvd and saw this.
The Los Angeles Temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
(if you didn't know already, that's our church)
We knew there was some temples in California but didn't know where.
It was a nice surprise to see.
So we got out and walked around it.

And I found some cooooool palm trees.
It was my first time seeing palm trees.
After seeing them I had lots of questions about them.
Do people make things out of the wood in them?
Why are they all shaped so different?

Saw all the expensive stores where we couldn't even afford to breath in.
So we just drove by instead.

That was day one.
Lots eh?
I'll add another post about the next few days tomorrow.
peace out.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

leaving on a jet plane

Well we are off to LA.

I realized this is a few firsts for me.
First night without Lucy.
First time on a plane without kids.
First time to stay in a hotel consecutive nights.
First time I'll see a hot beach...with palm trees.
First time to California.
First time in a city bigger than Calgary.
First time I've rented a car. (i've been in one but I didn't rent it)
First time I've left my kiddos for more than 3 days.
First time having a passport.
First time flying into the states.

Wish me luck.
I'm sure I'll have some pictures to share when I get back.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

out and about

We've been out and about....

celebrating Canada Day with family

riding long boards

having friends over (who find our bugs for us)

having photo shoots

visiting with friends

seeing grandmas and grandpas
and aunts and uncles and cousins

spending time together

(Reg took this photo)

eating steaks and other various BBQ animals
picking up candy at a parade

drinking slurpees
swimming in the pool

jumping on the trampoline

going to the Park

going to Calaway Park


And it has all been so fun.
All except Lucy getting sick.

(She's on the mend now.)

What have you been up too??

Oh and Happy Birthday Canada.
You rock!