Tuesday, June 24, 2008

10 things

I've been meaning to make a post for oh, about a week. But you see the thing is I didn't want to be all complaining and such. And that's what it would have been. So really you should be thanking me.

Instead of mentioning that I am sick of throwing up still (seriously at 39 weeks you shouldn't be having morning sickness anymore!), annoyed that I have yet another cold with bad chest cough, can't sleep anymore.... those are things you don't need to read and if I am focusing on them, it kind makes me cranky.

So instead, here is a list of 10 things I am thankful for.

1. Thankful for a sweet sister in law who dropped by for a visit yesterday with rolo icream and skor bars since she thought I might be craving them. And even did the dishes twice while she was here.

2. Thankful for a really good friend, Sarah, who came over and spent the day with me, even bringing me and the kids lunch so I didn't have to make it. And cleaned up all the mess the kids made inside and out.

3. Thankful my other sister in law and mom could come up and sew these cool bags with me. And teach me to make these soft soled baby shoes.

4. Thankful for a SWEET deal I found on a year old barely used treadmill this week. And thankful that I convinced Regan that my next wedding shoot could cover the cost and justify buying it. We got it in the basement last night and I already used it.

5. Thankful that I have a few pairs of shorts that still fit me. And that I've only gained around 27 pounds this pregnancy.

6. Thankful for prayer. When I am sick and tired of the struggle this pregnancy has been. That I can pray to a loving Heavenly Father. And that He hears me, and sends comfort.

7. Thankful for a sweet five year old who slept in until 10 this morning.

8. Thankful the two year old daily 40 minute temper tantrums have slowed down in both frequency and length.

9. Thankful for all the people who are calling and checking up on me cause they care.

10. Thankful for a very patient husband who just hugs me when I cry from being so tired from lack of good sleep.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pregnancy Tag

My lovely SIL Whitney tagged me... so here goes...

5 Things that make my stomach turn.....
1. blood in raw meat...the smell and the look
2. boogies
3. mold
4. deep fried food
5. breakfast :(

5 Things I Absolutely Love/Crave.....
1. chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate
2. angle's drive thru bugers
3. a good night's sleep
4. milk
5. when my kids feel the baby move

5 Things I worry about....
1. when I am going to go into labour. the timing of it all.
2. tearing
3. if Alden will be totally disappointed if it's a girl
4. Lucy throwing massive fits when I'm out with all the kids
5. going to a wedding two days after my due date.... being either engorged with milk and left over baby fat or huge from not being in labor yet

5 Things I Am Excited About....
1. being DONE being pregnant
2. being DONE being pregnant
3. to not have the baby inside anymore
4. to have the baby out
5. and to being DONE being pregnant

5 Names that I love...
1. Eli
2. Nora
3. Ruth
4. Lacey

If You Don't Know What You Are Having What Do You Hope It Is....
A healthy baby.

Pregnant People I tag....
So lets say:
1. Amanda
2. Julia
3. Tanya

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Wanted to make a post about this great dad in my life.

I took some photos of him with the kiddos today, but I haven't uploaded them yet. Tomorrow!

5 things that make Regan a great dad:
1. He (luckily) has strengths where I have weaknesses. He is more patient that me. He plays more with the kids. Lots of areas where I lack as a mom, he is strong. And that is a big blessing.
2. Regan is just fun. Blanket rides, and forts, playgrounds, pillow fights. He plays with the kids so good.
3. He is always appreciative to me as a momma. That means a lot to me.
4. He is willing to read and read and read to our kids. They like that a lot.
5. He is very strong in his testimony and relationship with God. And is constantly teaching that to our kids. It is always forefront in his mind. To teach them and share with them about the Gospel and Jesus. I love that about him.

I'm also very lucky to have a wonderful dad and a wonderful father in law. Both are such good men. Who love their families and work hard to provide all they can for their kids and grandkids. I'm very very lucky that way.

And I have 5 brothers who are all dads now. (Strange that that is the case since it seems like we were just kids ourselves.) And 2 brother in laws that are daddies too. It's so neat to see how very different they are as fathers. But they all love their kids a lot. Lots of good men in my life!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Photo Talk: Photos, photos and more photos

1. A hooter hider is like a cape that you wear while you breast feed. And they are expensive. Which is silly cause it's a like a blanket with a strap on it to go around your neck. (You can see one here) One girl told me she paid $85 for hers. My fabric cost me $20 and I can make two out of it. I got white eyelet so it will still be light and breathable but cover me up still too.

2. It's been a while since I did a little photo shoot with my kiddos. So I did one yesterday afternoon. But only Lucy was into it....

(Cause I was bribing her!!)

3. And Regan came home while I was shooting Lucy and decided to take a few of me...

4. And I've started editing the wedding shoot I had last week.

5. Thanks for all the encouragement about Lucy. I have no idea why she has such testiness.... neither me or Regan are really like that. At all. But it's there. In her. Last night while I was out with a friend (getting a massage and yes that rocked) she had a big fit with dad. Screaming for 40 minutes. Maybe she is sensing the baby coming. Or maybe she is just two. The thing that drives me crazy about it all, is that a girl who uses words like actually, etc in sentences properly, really has the ability to use words. And not screaming. But nonetheless here we are. Here's hoping it's just a stage!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

i'm feeling ansy

I bought some fabric today for my *ahem* hooter hider (not a fan of that name).
So I think I'll try and make it tonight.

I finished Lucy's dress that I started a couple weeks ago.
She won't try it on though. Silly girl.

Speaking of Lucy....
yesterday she was playing a computer game and I told her it was time to be done.
Which she didn't agree with.
So she hit the keyboard.
I pulled her off the chair, pushed in the chair and leaned against it so she couldn't hit it again.

So she started pulling her own piggy tales and screaming, "I don't want piggy tales." (I may have been holding in a chuckle at this point....)
That wasn't getting a reaction from me,
so instead she took of her pants, threw them.
Took off her diaper. Threw it.
Starting taking off her shirt (but it got stuck on her ears)
so it took a few minutes longer. Finally gets it off and throws it.
The whole time screaming, "I don't want my mommy. I don't want daddy. I don't want Alden. I don't want anything."

When that has gotten no reaction from me, she looks straight at me and pees on the floor. (So I guess that answers the question if she has control with her bladder eh?)

I put her in her room after wiping off her legs and the floor.
And she kicks and screams in her room while I hold the door closed.
Now she is screaming "I don't like my door"

She then throws every book off her bookshelf and every blanket, pillow and stuffed animal off her bed.

I came back downstairs and let her have it out herself.

20 minutes later, I go back upstairs (when the crying has stopped) and she is playing happily with her little people in the playroom.

When I come back upstairs she says "Hi mommy" in a sweet voice.

She told me she was sorry later. And that she wouldn't do it again. Can't say as I totally believe her. (Although I'd love too.)

It is amazing to me how a little girl this sweet can do that.

But believe me. She can.
And she does.

Monday, June 09, 2008

No baby yet....

were you wondering since I didn't post for about a week??

yeah, no baby yet. :)
I was just busy.

But only 3 weeks tomorrow.
Which is good news.

Shot a wedding on Friday morning. (which I noticed my own lacking ability of moving freely.... with this big belly)

I've been trying to get everything done before the baby that I want/need to.
Finished editing a family photo shoot. I'll share just this one....

since they are a little internet wary.... I figured this one was okay...

Got 2 GB more memory on my computer... and it is a humming along now.
So I've been editing pictures. Since it's so FAST now.
Found this one today from a couple months ago....

Cut out some diaper bags that I want to sew before baby comes along.
It's this one. Two for me (since I couldn't decide what color I wanted. And one for a gift for a friend.

I also want to make one of these in white eyelet material. We'll see if I get one done.

And I'm making up my baby announcements tonight. Then I can just get them printed when baby comes along. One boy and one girl. Then I've covered myself. :)

What are you up to??

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

and for the month of june...

Since it's a new month, the newest Scraptivity kit is out.
This is a picture of the kit....

And here are some things I made with this month's kit...

For all three of these pages I used blog posts as my journaling. It made them really quick pages.

Today I was the parent helper at Alden's school. And Alden asked me to make cinnamon buns for the class.... so I got up early and got them made. And quite a few of the kids just licked off the cream cheese icing.... and threw away the rest. But I guess at least Alden enjoyed it. It was really for him anyways.

We (supposed to be Alden helping but really was only Lucy "helping") made a thank you gift for Alden's teacher. This is it.

It's an altered bucket of pens. All the pens have little school themed brads in them.

And just cause she's a cutie....