Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Well it's official

We got the call today.
Regan is accepted into the University of Calgary Medical school.
How stinking cool is THAT!
We are soooo excited.
So excited that we had blizzards to celebrate tonight.
(and I had a cheeseburger and reg had a donair!)
It's been a big week for us and it's only Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


and we are HAPPY.
More than what we listed it at.
We had two offers and we got to pick one.
How cool is that!

Now that that is arranged...
just gotta
1. get into medical school
2. find movers to move us across the country
3. have a huge garage sale
4. buy plane tickets
5. purge all things we aren't taking or selling
6. pack up our entire house

and enjoy our last 55 days in the maritimes.
plus do a little scrapbooking.

I want to take photos of all our favorites around here,
people, places, things about our house, outings.
Since we will miss a lot of things about living here,
just enough for a scrapbook,
but not enough to stay.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Murphy's law

So I'm selling my house right...

Friday morning Regan is getting ready to go to work.
Just as he is about to leave the front door knob falls off.
What the?
Yep just falls off.

Then a while later, our Real Estate Agent calls.
Our first showing is at 1:30pm.

so I call Regan to bring to car home so I can go out
to find a doorknob.

so as he is getting ready to come home
I run around like crazy trying to get things cleaned up
call our neighbor and ask if I can send Alden over to play
since one kid less makes a quicker trip to the store

so I get the place all tidied up
send Alden next door to play
and reg comes home and I drop him back off at work
Lucy and I run in to Canadian Tire
(actually we drive)
about a 15 minute drive

instead of wasting any time I go straight to someone who works there
and show them my doorknob and say
"I need one EXACTLY to fit in this one."
Did the maritimer thing and tell him my whole story
of how the house is up for sale and I am in a crazy hurry.
so he picks me one out and Lucy and I quickly buy it and leave.
after asking the cashier to throw out my old one.

I get back home with the doorknob,
and try and get it in.
I can be handy, kind of
a doorknob should be easy to put in....
it won't fit.
at all.
not even close.
so I call Regan at work
HELP ME... I can't make it fit.

load Lucy back into the car and drive to Regan's work to get him
we come back home
Lucy is starting to get hungry
so as I feed her peas in her carseat
on the stairs, so we don't get anything dirty
regan struggles with the doorknob.

it won't fit.
at all.
not even close.

Regan says let's just put the old one back in and change it after the showing
I threw that away
at Canadian tire.

so reg decides to try and drive back into Canadian tire to get one that will fit
I call our neighbor in a panic
I don't know what to do
call our real estate agent too
so she knows.

neighbor's husband Mike comes home
just happens to be home early from work this Friday.

he comes over with his doorknob from his front door
puts it on
and we go next door to spy on the possible buyers

regan and the possible buyers show up at the exact same time.
I call outside and tell regan just to go back to work
we'll explain later
he looks confused, but goes back to work.

after a 15 minute look at the house,
they decide they want hardwood floors,
not laminate
and leave.

Sunday we had three more showings,
I sure hope we get a bid this week.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

new wheels

for alden that is.

I wonder if any car manufacturers are hiring.
Maybe I could work from home.
This model is cheap to make.
Probably won't be good in the rain, so Albertans should be able to enjoy it.

Monday we went swimming as a family.
Lucy's first time and she loved it.
As did Alden.
He loves his wet suit from Grandma and Grandpa Steed.
And it sure is useful for helping him float!

Just wanted to share this cute photo of Lucy from the other day too.

No bites on the house yet.

Friday, May 19, 2006


• our house is going up on the market on monday. i might post a link so ya'll can see my house on MLS. really it would be the only time any on my siblings (or reg's) will ever see it. lots of work to sell a house with small kids. i've done a lot the past two weeks and it looks like i will still be working lots til it sells.

• been taking photos of the kids and playing in photoshop. photoshop rules. it was part of my college education and i used to use it every day at work in the prebaby life, but i have kind of gotten out of it. felt good today to play with it. these are my outcome. got inspired to try from HeatherM's blog. Found a whole pile of brushes and stuff to use. there will be more to come. :)

• converstation with alden yesterday.

alden: "mom, i'm a big boy right?"
ME: "yes, and who is Lucy?"
alden: "a little special baby."

• I guess I should say one thing about medical school. if I could stick my tounge out over the internet I would. we are on the wait list. and no they won't tell you what number. and yes we are going to wait. we have been waiting for 5 years. so what's 2 more months. right?

As long as we can get a babysitter we are going to parenting seminar tonight from this guy . We've been to one from him before and he is great. So I really want to find a babysitter.

Monday, May 15, 2006

ode to my mom

my mother taught me
to sew
to cook
to paint and draw,
sculpture, charcol, pencils and water colors,
about color
about art and expressing myself
laundry and money managment
i have the power to change
that prayer can move mountains
how to create and try new things
that the best job in the world is being at home with my kids
how to have a good marriage
the true meaning of enduring to the end
how to work and not complain
to garden and grow things
to read my scriptures
to always put my family first
homemade is always best
to love myself for my kids
a soft answer turneth away wrath
to give love to everyone around you
to repent every day
i create perfectly because it is a part of me
to attend the temple
and hug my kids every day
that honest is always the best policy
what unconditional love feels like
doesn't matter how much is in the bank as long as your heart is full
i love you momma.
happy mother's day.
wish i could have seen you

Monday, May 08, 2006

i'm just wondering

if you all would do me a favor.
i'd like to see who you are.
reading this.
wanna just comment and say hello.
i'd like to see who you are.
Regan says I need to say something
something to get people talking
or posting

i'm just curious
what's in it for you?
you'll see.
could be something.

and on another note....
yes Mary, Peggy's Cove is close to Halifax.
It is about an hour away.
(if you take the highway route instead of the coastal pretty route.)

happy monday morning.

Friday, May 05, 2006

you've gotta see this place

Today we went to Peggy's Cove. It is one of the most beautiful places on this earth.
not that I have seen lots of the earth
but still
i know it is.

and you need to see it.
in person.
too bad for our families that we won't be here too much longer
so they can't stay for FREE anymore
looks like most missed their chance
(right guys??)

And Alden has been pretty goofy lately.
He was showing off his "pipes" to us the other day.
The poor kid has muscles like his mother.

Had a realtor come over today and talk with us
I have decided that selling a house
it's scary
and big

but further proof
that we are moving home.

and to all of you scrapbookers...
happy national scrapbooking day tomorrow.

we are having a C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-I-O-N at Scraptivity tomorrow
with challenges
and prizes
good ones.

so check it out.
i'll be there.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

a new kit

thought I would share some of my new May kit pages from Scraptivity.
It is a fun fun kit this month. And I have been inspired to make lots of pages.

Got lots more here in my personal gallery at S!.

Purging lots of things and getting rid of things we don't want to move home.
Yep.....MOVE HOME.