Sunday, October 29, 2006


It got all quiet upstairs a couple days ago....
and Alden had gone up to go the bathroom.
I got a little worried.
Went upstairs to see what was going on.....
found this.

Pooing completely naked.
With the bathroom door closed.
My boy is goofy.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

have i mentioned...

that i love my new camera?
I just got some prints back today from Wally world... my first ones actually printed not from my home printer. And man. They look good.
Loving the colors and the clearness.
So cool.
Just thought i'd share that I am completely and utterly pleased with it.
I've got lots more to learn about it.
But that's the fun.

Some of my favorite photos from the past few days.

Yesterday at lunch.....
Me: "Alden, it's time for lunch."
Alden: "okay, the cars are hungry."
Me:" The cars?"
Alden:" Yep the are hungry for lunch too."

I had to make a rule to have no toys at the table.....
but today we made an exception to the rule.
Cause apparently the cars were hungry too.
He would "feed" them bites before taking them himself.

And a few of my seriously adorable blue eyed girl.
Who by the way looks so big in these!

Watching the trains pass by thru the fence.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

15 Minutes of Fame

I was reading a website that posts blog challenges.
And the one for today was to post about your own 15 minutes of fame.

1. I was Miss CHS. (as in Miss Cardston High School).
Yes I think that is why Reg dated me. ;)
Oh the fame. bwaaahaaaa

2. I don't know if you've heard of the Great Canadian Barn Dance or not..... but when it was first starting.... i was on the commerical. Square dancing none the less.
Seriously exciting stuff.

I think that about raps it up.
Not much fame.
About 15 minutes of it. ;)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

4 years old

I didn't get around to posting on his birthday - but Alden just turned 4 this past Sunday.
Pretty strange that I have a four year old.
Very strange.
Thought I would list 4 funny things he has said lately in honor of his big F-O-U-R.

1. Yesterday while driving to the store:
A:"Mom, i've got good news and bad news"
M: "Okay, what's the bad news?"
A: "He didn't stick his tounge out."
M:" Um okay... well what's the good news?"
A: "He DID stick his tounge out.... see"
Then he stuck his tounge out at me.

2. On his birthday Regan told Alden that he used to be in my tummy.
So later he brought up again.
A:"Yep I was in mom's tummy... and it was dark in there."
Dad:"Oh really do you remember?"
A: " Yep. it was dark."

3. A:"Mom can you draw me an engine." He hands me a piece of paper.
M: "Sure how's this?"
A: "Draw Uncle Sean as the driver."
A: "Okay now we need a passanger car."
M:" Well who goes in this one?"
A:" Sonya, Kate and Aunty whoever."
M: "You mean Aunty Val?"
A: "Uhuh sure."

4. M: "Alden did you have any dreams last night?"
A: "Yep."
M: " What did you dream about?"
A: "Corn pops."

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

a photo shoot

Took some photos of my brother Brad and his wife Whitney and baby Roman this weekend.
It was so fun.
And they are so cute.
Here are my favorite shots thus far.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

one year ago

One year ago today we were at the hospital right now.
In labour.
Right now.
Wondering who would be joining our family.
I was serious.
All about business as Regan would say.
Everything focused on the task.
The work.
And our lives were changed.
Little Lucy Ann joined our family.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


On Saturday afternoon I went with my mom to a Quilt show.
My mom is a quilter.
I dabble in it.
But I wouldn't consider myself a quilter.
I sure do enjoy seeing them though.
The different designs and fabrics.
It is amazing.
There were so many amazing quilts.
Works of art.

When I got home I was so inspired to scrapbook.
I had to start two little journals.
One for stories I want to share.
And one for layout ideas.
Cause they are bursting inside of my head and heart.

I think that is the neat thing about art.
In all forms.
It can transfer into all areas of your life.
Art moves you.
Brings out that something in you that just aches to create.
Create beautiful things with paper and glue and photos
or with a pen
or with your sewing machine.
I love that part of me.
That is alive. And urging inside of me.
My own art. In my own forms.
My unique voice.
How great is that!

What inspires you?
And what do you want to create?
A web page?
A group of new photos?
A quilt?
A card?
A homemade meal?
Decorate a room?
That is art.
We all have it inside of us.
Let it out.