Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We are off

for Christmas.
I might post, but I might just be enjoying all my Regan time. (and the rest of the family too!!)
Hope you all have a merry holidays!!

(I added some more pictures on my photo blog too)

Friday, December 14, 2007

In the Craft Room: Aren't these cool

somethings i think that rule..

Some Tim Holtz products.

isn't that the coolest little hammer? It makes texture on things. cool eh??

(to see how to use all his cool products you can check his blog. He's got skills!! Pretty much anything he makes, I'd try it out! :)

I'd love one of these.... ( a dishwasher...)

but that's not going to happen right now....

I love books.
A bit of an obsession really.
I'd love these ones.

I even have a wish list on here? Yep. I like books. A lot.

This would RULE.

(It's a Nikkor AF-S 55-200mm DX f4-5.6 G ED)
you can read more about it here.

One of these would come in handy.

(it's a reflector seen here)

one of these would be cool

so impractical.. but hello a FOUNTAIN of chocolate???

um that would rule.

a scrapbooking calendar....

there are lots of cool things on etsy....
like this
and her stuff is always awesome

that's enough i'd say.....

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In the Craft Room: Scrapbook Pages

a few recent scrapbook pages....

this one the color is all funny but i am tooooo lazy to scan it or retake the picture......

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sunday Seven

Really I should start calling these Monday's seven... since they are often up on Monday. But doesn't Sunday Seven just have a better ring to it??

1. Thankful that we are only five days away from Regan's Christmas break. Five more days of him being gone a LOT and then we have him 24 hours a day until January 2nd. It's going to be a good christmas holidays.

2. Thankful for sister in laws who phone me to see how I am. Or to see what I think. Or to tell me about their kiddos. Or whatever. Just glad I have sister in laws.

3. Thankful for good sleepers. We got up today at 9:30. Yes, I know I am spoiled. That is why school mornings are so hard around here.... cause we all like to sleep in. Kindergarden next year should be interesting!!

4. Thankful for the Christmas season. Love the music. Love giving presents. Love the decorations. Love Christmas cards. Love turkey dinner....mmmmmmm. Love the true meaning. Love it all.

5. Thankful that I thought of the BEST presents for Regan this year. I always struggle getting him things since he doesn't want anything. But MAN think I did good this year. :) (I'd tell you but he reads this sometimes.)

6. Thankful for our little Sunday tradition of 10 questions. Regan and I alternate weeks asking each other questions. About anything. Really it is just planned conversation. We go thru spurts of consistency. But it is just so fun to just sit and talk and talk.

7. Thankful for a clean kitchen.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

some rhonda rants

So I've been thinking lately that there are a few things that can really get me going. I am not one of those people. That has an opinion about EVERYTHING. Some things I really don't have an opinion on. And some I might have an opinion on, but I really don't feel a need to tell others about it. (besides Regan)

Some things I can really go off about.....

1. Edpidurals. It makes no sense to me AT ALL to want to be tough to have a baby. Why put yourself through more pain. I just don't get it. As soon as I get to the hospital I tell whoever sees me - find the anesthesiologist and bring them to me. I want drugs. There are no awards - I mean besides the baby, and everyone gets that. I haven't heard of anyone going into the dentist and asking for no freezing, I mean just to see how it feels. To see if you can do it. You could. But why would you want to?

2. Potty Training. I've recently heard of the diaperless baby. Essentially it is using the same principle as Pavlov's dogs. You start from birth and take them to the toilet. So you start potting training them at birth. And you make this noise to teach them when to pee. I absolutely see no advantage to this. Not even a little bit. At first I thought it was cause I was lazy. But then I realized - wait. that means for 2 YEARS (instead of 2 weeks) you have to run to a toilet with a child. You have to watch their every facial expression so that you can see the cues when they have to go. That is NOT potty training. That is mommy training. To me a child who is potty trained goes into the bathroom and pulls down their pants and gets onto the toilet with NO help. THAT is potty training. Hello diapers were invented for a reason. A good one. Our sanity and sleep. I have other opinions about potty training... but I'll save you the read. :)

3. Expressing Opinions about parenting before you have a baby. I just think it is silly. The more I hear girls tell me their kids won't do this and they'll never do that, I just think you are setting yourself up for some painful experiences. Your kids ARE going to do that. And so are you.

I have no idea why I felt like sharing these.
Maybe I am getting more opinionated the older I get. :)
What can you go off about??

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Two things

I thought I'd share.
Things that have been weighing heavily on my mind....

1. Why does Elmo's dad have to wear clothes but Elmo doesn't? Isn't Elmo running around naked?

2. The really need directions on cereal? Really?
"oh so THAT's what you do with this stuff"....

(If you can't read from that crappy picture and NEED directions for eating Turboz cereal, it says: Directions for use: PLace 40 g (325 ml, 1/3 cup) of Tony's Turboz meal replacement in a bowl. Add 175 ml (3/4 cup) milk.)

Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

to me :)
Every year I always think of my momma on this day.
At least now that I have kiddos.
I'm glad she went thru the long (for her) 3 hour birth
(where I rolled in the middle of hard labour.) OUCH!
Thanks mom!

And thanks for all the birthday wishes I've been getting.
On the phone.
On facebook.
In emails.

And on a side note.
Had a fun photo shoot for my good friend Leah.
Who is so that cute pregnant lady every other pregnant lady hates cause she looks so good.

yep that's her!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

um hello there!

yes. we are still alive around here.
yes. we've been super duper sick.
no, it doesn't help (at times like this) to have a doctor in the house.
you just gotta live out the flu.
it does help to have regan around though.
as dad.
and house cleaner
and dishes washer.
and laundry doer.
he's done a lot around the house the last few weeks.
for which I am sooooo thankful.
he works all day at school and then comes home and was working here too.
poor guy.

i am a tiny bit swamped with waaay to many things that i said i would do.
i have a slight problem of not being able to say no.
wonder where that comes from.... (right mom???)

one thing I have been working on is this....

Okotoks Scrapbook Convention
Check out this article about it here.
I am helping with the classes.
Trying to get them all together and arranged and teachers and sponsors.
It's a GREAT cause!!

And photos.
And regular mommy stuff and wifey stuff.
Plus we had our Primary Presentation at church (glad it's over!!)

Tonight Regan and I are going on a date.
And I am super excited. :)

What have you been up too?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunday Seven (on Monday)

1. I am so very thankful for my sweet husband Regan. When I have nonsensical ideas he talks me out of them. When I am upset about something he calms me down and helps me see the right way to act. He is just so good.

2. I am thankful for my momma. We talk about a lot of stuff. And that she is always backing me up.

3. I am thankful for the sunshine. I'm not ready to cave into winter yet....

4. I am thankful for Lucy Ann. Her complete non stop talking and silliness. While waiting in costco for photos this week, a lady was pushing a cart with a baby in it. I pointed out the baby, to which Lucy yells at the top of her lungs "I NEED ONE OF THOSE!" heee heee. A few days ago she decided she really wanted a baby monkey. I have no idea where that idea came from but she talked about it all day. She "needed" a baby monkey. She goes into the play room now and shuts the door, when I check on her she says (totally coping Alden) "I play by myself!"

5. I am thankful my kids play. They really enjoy their toys. And I can get stuff done too.

6. I am thankful for Alden's quiet manner. I love that about his dad too. And it is such a nice trait.

7. I am thankful for prayer. To be able to know how to talk with a loving Heavenly Father and get answers.

And what is a post without a picture?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On the Bookshelf: Exciting day

Yep. You read that right.
Donald Trump sent me mail.
Pretty exciting isn't it??
Are you jealous??

We're real tight!
Me and Donald hanging out.

the past few days.... i've been read this book.

and this book.....

and now I'm onto this one.

lots of thanks to my friend Emily to lending them to me.... although I'm not sure Regan would thank you. :)

Friday, November 09, 2007

around here

i've been editing lots of photos.
loooove this one of Tanya and Matt.

but there are lots more on my photo blog.

Taught Enrichment last night. (A ladies church group which I taught an alter clipboard year long calendar thingie ... and yes that is the technical name!)
Have a photo shoot this afternoon.
Have a Primary Activity tonight. (Kids 3-11 where we are packing Christmas Shoeboxes)
Then driving down south for two photo shoots on Saturday.
Then back up here Saturday night so I can be at church on Sunday.
We have our first practice for our Primary Presentation.
Looks like it's gonna be a busy weekend! :)
What are you up to?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Photo Talk: Photo Booth Fun

On our Mac computer we have this fun little program.... called photo booth which we played around with the other night..... here's a few giggles for you....

Monday, November 05, 2007

Sunday Seven (on Monday)

We were driving to Edmonton and back yesterday so here is my Sunday Seven.

1. I am thankful we could go to Edmonton safely and happily with the kiddos to be with family for the baby blessing of this little sweetheart.

2. I am thankful for one of these.

It made our 3 hour trip both ways much happier for us all!

3. I am thankful for emails from happy customers like this....
"Rhonda! The pictures are incredible!! Thank you so much for the extra pictures on the cd. The ones of Heather are my absolute favorite. Next summer I'd like to get some pictures done for Heather and I's first anniversary.... (It's kind of like paper....I could print them out.....) Probably sometime in July... I'm sure you're going to book up quickly with weddings so I'll give you a call well before to book a day.

Thanks again,
That makes me happy that he is happy.

4. I am thankful for the good relationship I have with my momma. Love her. Love talking to her. Love that she lets me call her many times a day.

5. I am thankful for being able to do designing for a company with a good owner. Love working for barb at Scraptivity. I like what I get to do. And I like her so that makes it even better. Some of my November creations.

6. I am thankful that despite being super busy, my wonderful husband will come home so I can go do important things without the kiddos.

7. I am thankful for gooood food. Had this for dinner tonight. It is absolutely one of my very favorite meals. Totally messy but oh so worth it.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

a princess and a ninja turtle

Here are the long awaited costume pictures.
I had to bribe the kiddos with treats.
But that is just fine with me. :)

And no, Lucy's boots aren't part of her costumer but someone just gave them to her and she loooooooves them a lot. (Thanks Sean and Val!)

Friday, November 02, 2007

helloooo there

so i've been wondering to myself
do you think it's better to post once in a while and get lots of comments....
or do you think it's better to post almost every day and not get very many.....

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sunday Seven

I am a little early.... as in it is saturday night. How's that for on the ball??

1. I love that people read my blog and comment. I love writing stuff. I love the outlet and the feeling of connection to others. So thanks. (And keep on commenting... even if it's just a hi i was here."

2. I am thankful for this picture taken when we were at home for Thanksgiving. I love the expression on Alden's face. And i love that the family indulged my idea of taking their nice leather couch outdoors. :)

3. I am thankful we have enough to eat. So many people do without. And we are truly blessed.

4. I am thankful that Regan is in medical school. It is a long road. But there is absolutely no doubt that this is the right thing at the right time for our family. I know it. Regan delivered a baby last night at the hospital. That is too cool. I am just so proud of him. He's so smart.

5. I am thankful for Alden and the funny things he says. I was running to the store while Regan was doing homework this after noon and Lucy was napping. So I asked him if he wanted to come. He was sitting in his room, on the floor in just his underwear. His rely "No mom, I just wanna stay home and be naked."

6. I am so thankful for Lucy. She is just seriously so cute and sweet. She has this awful cough last night and today. Sounds like she is coughing up a lung. After she'll look at me and say "Oh excuse me mom". All polite like. While driving in the car she was listing the things she is scared of. (Scared is her new word she is constantly using.) "Mommy, I scared of stairs." "Mommy, I scared of Carter." "Mommy, I scared of cookies." (And then she broke out into a fit of laughter.)

7.I am thankful for jokes and laughing. (Well most of the time.) The kids watched a Dora movie from the library that was all about jokes and riddles. So all day long now they kids announce they have jokes for me.

Typical Alden joke:
Alden: "Knock Knock"
me: Who's there?"
Alden: Orange
me: Orange who?
Alden: Orange burp.
And then he laughs.

Typical Lucy joke:

Lucy: Knock Knock"
Me: Who's there?
Lucy: I don't know.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Nap time

Lucy is so funny when she wakes up from her nap.

(photo by uncle Sean at Alden's birthday party.)

A couple days ago as soon as I went in, she sat up and said "I had fun mom."

When Lucy woke up today...
Lucy: "I dreamed about bears."
I asked what the bears were doing.
Lucy: "Eating"
mom: "What were they eating?"

And on a side note... this is my new favorite wedding picture.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Seven

1. Thankful that I am able to take pictures. Had two shoots yesterday. Got a babysitter for the first and arranged the second during Lucy's nap so that I wouldn't take away from Regan's studies. Nothing to sneak a peak with yet, cause I haven't downloaded them as of yet. Trying to get my last wedding shoot finished up first.

2. Thankful for the library. We got a lot. And get a lot of books and movies. I registered Lucy for a mommy and tot class during Alden's school time. Then we can do something fun together Thursday mornings.

3. Thankful for Christmas. Yeah, I know it's only October... but I am getting a head start this year. Already thinking and planning the gifts I am making this year. Gonna start (and finish) before Christmas Eve.

4. Soooo grateful to read that my friend's husband Casey is out of the hospital for now. So happy for the whole family. And hope and pray that he is in remission for a long time.

5. Thankful that Sunday went good today.

6. Thankful that Alden loves school. He really likes his teacher. And I am so proud that he is obedient and well behaved at school. (I have a cute picture from his first day but for some reason, blogger won't load it..... hmmmm)

7. Thankful we could have a get together with a bunch of medical school student husbands and wives we know. It is nice to see some of the people that Regan spends sooo much time with.

Friday, October 19, 2007

In the Craft Room: two little artists

i am so proud of my two little artists.

one who painted with real paint and brush for the first time
(she likes to "taste" the brush, so i have always just given her water to paint with and it works just fine.... easier to clean up too....)

and one who learned to write his name all by himself.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Photo Talk: New shots

lots of new shots from my last wedding shoot if you wanna take a peek....

this one being one of my favorite.
very non traditional.
(i do traditional too...i just like a little different too)

We did some fun painting today (we as in Lucy and Alden) and I think I got some fun pictures to share later.

What have you been up to?

Monday, October 15, 2007


It was a good day today!
We had lots of fun. And lots of laughs.
First off, my photographic partner in crime, Sean took all the pictures today.
Which was great so I could just focus on being momma.

My favorite picture of the day....

Here is his cake I made...

First we played a little "What time is mr. shark" (Alden insisted it had to be shark instead of fox."

Played a little classic pin the tail on the donkey.

Jackson found Alden's costume and wore it around a bit.
(The glasses aren't part of it!)

Cousin Sonya was totally into it. :)

Kenzie was stylin' as well....

Nate wasn't a fan of the glasses, but he sure enjoyed the cake.

Little Lucy really enjoyed all the kids over...
and the chocolate milk and cake.

And as a bonus I got to hold a beautiful new baby boy.

Each year when Alden's birthday comes around I remember that day.
When I first experienced all of this motherhood stuff.
It's something I knew I always wanted to do.
One day I'll be a mom.
But then one day it's here.
It is amazing. And overwhelming.
And wonderful.
I remember, very vividly, falling in love with him the moment he was out.
I remember how hard labour and delivery is.
How special that moment is.
When they place that baby on your chest for the first time.
It is unexplainable.
I am so grateful that I get to do this.
And that Alden was the little man who started it all off.