Tuesday, July 18, 2006

finally home.... kind of

There is something about having your own place.
Your own things.
And we do not have that "thing" or "place".
We are in limbo.
Finally in Alberta, but in limbo.

As for getting back here....
1. our movers called and said they couldn't pick up our stuff until the 17th... and we had scheduled it for the 15th. And as of today, they still haven't picked it up.
Minorly stressful.
2. Sunday morning we wake the kids up early (5:30am) to get to the airport on time for our flight which was to leave at 7:15am. While waiting by the gate, they announce that something is wrong with the plane..... and they have to get a new one. Which was going to take 2 hours. Which would make us miss our connecting flight from Edmonton down to Calgary.
So the solution.... was we were put on a direct flight to Calgary..... 6 hours later. So we were at the airport with 2 small kids for 7 hours, then we flew for 6 hours, then we drove down to Lethbridge for 2 hours. Needless to say, when we finally pulled into my mom and dad's house I couldNOT have been more happy. And the kids did so good for that day. Incredibly good. (There may have been gravol involved.)
3. we are trying to find somewhere to live in Calgary. And it is proving quite difficult. So tomorrow we are driving up there to see if we can find somewhere tomorrow.

Just because it's right, doesn't mean it will be easy.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

today's page

Another of my baby girl.
I had some fun with this one.
I made all the pp too.

Tomorrow's page will be Alden.
More packing to do.
And lunch to eat.

Monday, July 10, 2006

my break

I took a break today.
And did this.

Did I mention that I think Photoshop is coooool?
Since all my paper scrapping stuff is packed now.... I guess I'll be playing more digitally.
Fun fun.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I am grateful

This morning when I got up in my mostly empty bedroom
I realized AGAIN how close we are to going home.
And I am grateful.

Last night I was running errands....
donating clothes and unwanted items,
returning things,
practicing my musical number at the church,
depositing our profits from all our sold items,
picking up a little treat for Reg and I,
realizing how the things have fallen into place for us.
And I am grateful.

and I drove by the ocean.
(not too usual around here.)
Deep and blue.
Unending... Or so it seems.
It really is amazing to see God's creations.
He is an artist.
Amazing and perfect in creation.
That is inspiring on so many levels.
And I am grateful.

Came home to my husband, who was working on his talk for church today.
He is so good.
And so wise.
Regan is truly one of the best people I have ever known.
Because of his quiet nature
people sometimes don't get to hear of his wisdom and knowledge.
But I do.
And I am grateful.

Holding a squirmy little girl
on my lap while I type.
Who loves to give me open mouth slobbery kisses
And who twirls her hair in her hand while she breastfeeds.
She has constant smiles for me
and for everyone else.
And I am grateful.

Peeking in on a still sleeping little boy.
Who tells me the funniest things.
And who tries to "help" his little sister when she falls over on the floor.
Who tried hiding yesterday in the bathroom
but forgot to tell anyone he was hiding so two panicking parents searched the yard, and the neighbors, until finally found him crying in the bathroom.
He wanted to sit on mummy's lap and
have my hands run over his arms while I "squeezed him tight" for 5 minutes.
at least.
I am grateful.

Monday, July 03, 2006

hi again

Have I lost all of my readers? :)
If not, you are good good people.

Since it is July 1st, there is a new kit at Scraptivity. And i LOVED it (as usual!)

Thought I would share my favorite layout I did this month. I love the photo that my oldest brother (thanks Seany!!!) took of me a while ago. I've had it forever but never used it.
And about a week or more ago I was thinking about progress and change.
And all the big things that happen in our lives and how those big things are there to help us grow. It is not in spite of the big trials but because of them. They help us grow.

And how hopefully we are learning and becoming better each day. That is what I want to do so badly. To keep getting better and better. And I have so far to go.
This layout was an out come of all those thoughts.

To make the title I cut the word out of thing chipboard then painted it with the paint. Then stamped with the stamps onto it. I think it makes it look pretty cool. Looks cooler IRL.

Down the side the journaling says:
to never forget
"the feeling of true forgiveness, so i always ask.
how it feels to not have enough food, so always be generous.
the pain of losing a loved one, so show empathy,
the way i felt on my wedding day so always put marriage first,
how lonely life can be so that i am always friendly,
my answers to prayers so i keep getting down on my knees,
how much my parents sacrificed for me so that i do the same for them,
how nice it is to receive gifts so that i am willing to give,
how much hearing thank you means so that i always show gratitude."

There are lots of great stuff by the DT here so check it out. (I have some more in there too.)

Less than two weeks til we get on the plane.
Sold the piano.
Still have to sell the Saturn, washer and dryer and a deep freeze.
BUT we have had lots of phone calls about the car - so we are hopeful.
Hope ya'll had a great Canada Day!