Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. I got a Silhouette Cameo. And I loooooooooove it. So much fun. So far I've only done scrapbooking pages but I'll share some tomorrow. I want to get vinyl soon and get designing my own designs on it instead of cutting out theirs. (not that theirs aren't cute :) )

2. We are on day two of school's back in. And I was ready for school to be back in.

3. This child is a goof.
04 January 2012

4. I shared this picture with the Christmas pictures but never told you about it. We had each of the Steed grandkids paint themselves and grandma got them all. Alden painted himself a small guy (funny since he's the biggest of all the grandkids) and the momma's painted the babies for them.
Grandma's Gift

5. Loved this shot.

6. Snow. Finally!

7. Oh how we miss our good friends the Wilde's!! We were all soooo excited to get together for a small visit in the Christmas break. The Wilde's were with us in Medical school and residency. And they've moved away for one year so their dad can do an R3 in ER Medicine. In 6 months they'll be back and the kids can all have their best friends back.
My favorite things to notice in this shot:
• Anise has lost a sock (happens EVERY time they come over)
• Maggie has an iPhone to keep her still
• Eli is of course covering his face cause it's a picture
• Lucy and Alden are both SO happy to be seeing their best friends.
05 January 2012

8. Oh my how this little man brings me joy!! Before I had Oliver I told myself that no matter what I would enjoy the baby just in case it is my last. And really I have. Even in the middle of the night. Almost everything he does just brings a smile to my face. :) Love him.
06 January 2012

9. This month I am working on the Living room. Getting it all decorated up. Just bought curtains and rods. But decided that I need just plain white ones so I'm gonna go back to Home Depot and switch. That is what I had a first and then I wavered. I always think I shouldn't like just white as much as I do. But it's what I LOVE!

10. Next up for the living room... pillows!! Gonna sew some on our craft night!


Jennifer said...

Oh Eli, you are such a goof! And we had such a great time visiting with you last week! Anise asked if we could come visit before school today. She was very sad we couldn't

LindsayB said...

i missed like 3 of your posts i had to back to! that pic of the boys is just so cute! i'm glad i found all of them, there were some great photos as usual. thanks for your help tonight.

Crystal said...

Lucky you to get that new tool! And I loved catching up on all your posts since Christmas. Your new photo project will be awesome - I'll be watching. Happy New Year!

Heather M. said...

that photo of eli is hilarious! i want to see a peek inside your house after all this decorating. :)

Abby Metz said...