Sunday, April 29, 2007

deep stuff

The past week my Uncle passed away. Suddenly too.
He had a heart attack.

Uncle Glen and I weren't that close.
But it is family. And death is death.
And It is always sad.

I was asked to play the organ at the funeral - which was stressful since I am not an organ player. And I was supposed to play Amazing Grace while my cousin Lori sang.
It went okay. But it was stressful for me.

Right after we all left the church, I went over and hugged my cousin Leah.
Uncle Glen's daughter.
That is when I cried.

I remember.
I remember all too well that saddness of sudden unexpected loss.
I don't think you can really understand and really feel it, unless you have lost someone you loved suddenly.
Holding her as she cried, as we cried, I remembered.

Leah drove out to be with my family when Kelly died.
She was there. Right there.
Showing love and helping. And just being there.
No one can say anything to take away the saddness from death.
I believe very strongly in life after death. I know that Kelly is somewhere else.

But it's not about that. Even though they go somewhere where they are happy.
It's about them not being here. That loss for everyone left behind.
Life will not be the same.

Yes, we will see our loved ones again.
But death is still sad for the loss.
And nothing anyone says takes away that loss.
I'm sorry.
They are in a good place.
That is nice. And good to hear.
But you are still going to be sad.

And Leah, she was right there for us.
And so when I was holding her as she cried, I felt sad for her.
Not just because she suddenly lost her dad.
But also because she now knew.
She understood in a way she couldn't before.
That deep sadness of loss.

That is why I drove in a van for 6 hours one way, with just my kids.

It changes you.
Losing someone you love.
I think God planned it that way.
And it had better change us too.
It makes me grateful every day for my family.
For each day I have with loved ones.
Which is why I am so glad to be home.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bob the builder

Tonight while I was making supper.

alden: "mom, how do you spell Bob, as in Bob the Builder?"
mom: "B-O-B."
alden: "but what comes first?"
mom: "B - then O then B."
alden:" mom, how old is Bob?"
mom: "i don't know - how old do you think he is?"
alden "the same age as my dad - 9"


There used to be a time when Bob the Builder was a big deal around our house.
Before the Thomas phase.
When our lovely neighbor Kathleen gave us lots of Bob movies and toys.
Well Bob is back.
But with Lucy.
She walks around with our Bob books.
Saying "Bob"
"It's Bob."
And if Alden trys to look at the Bob books... LOOK OUT.
Serious fit from Lucy.
And since Bob is always talked about by Lucy, Alden is giving him a little more attention lately too.
Wasn't expecting a Bob phase with a little girl.
But here we are. :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Alden recently....

1. decided that he needs to hold the remote while he is watching tv. He has never really cared before.... but the past few days, the manly urge has come out in him. :)

2. colored his toes (and a lot of his feet) with blue sharpie last sunday morning while Regan and I were getting ready for church. After I caught him and told him that wasn't the best decision... he said it's okay, just wipe it off. When I explained that it doesn't just "wipe off" he said, "it's okay mom, i can just wear socks ALL DAY long."

3. got his first bike. And man is he excited. Got his helmet. Just need some bolts to hook on the training wheels and he will be motoring along.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


i love it when you get an idea in your head and it turns out.
like this photo.
i saw it in my head and it worked out.
and that makes me happy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Photo Talk: photos and more photos

i've been up to my eyeballs in photo editing.
And that is cooooool. :)
Lots of new ones on my photo blog.
Photography Blog
check em out.
Another one still to post and a new shoot tomorrow.

AND i've started a blog with some friends and sister in laws - where we all exchange recipes. We were going to email them each week - but this way if I lose it - it's still here. And you can search with it too. all in all - good idea by Regan to make it into a blog. Everyday Meals

AND Alden started swimming lessons today. And he loved it. Seriously excited about getting him involved in things. Letting him experience things and interact with other kiddos. So good for him. And so good for me.

AND seriously Sanjia is STILL on american idol. I think he is awful.
Send him home already people!

Peace out.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

1. Last week I was down South at my inlaws for a week. It was lots of fun times. Got to hang out with my sister in laws Lindsay and Susie and momma Steed. We had fun. And our kids really enjoyed each other.

2. I also visted my mom one day and got to see almost all my sister in laws on my side too. Got some cute photos of cute little Jacob. My youngest brother Justin's youngest baby boy. Is he not just a doll!! Look at those eyes. Beeeeeeauitful.

3. And little Lucy got her first little pig tales. Seriously how cute is THAT! She can't have real piggies yet.... but this is definately a START!

4. It is April 1st. Even though it doesn't look a BIT like it outside. (Stinking snow) So the new kit is out at Scraptivity. Here are two of my pages. I had lots of fun with this kit. Not my usual paper I would buy. But I enjoyed it. Had some fun with photoshop too - so that always makes things funner!

5. We are headed back down south for the weekend so Regan can do shadowing with his dad in the ER in Raymond. And so we can have easter with the family.

6. If you get a chance to read the Calgary Herald today, read the great letter from Regan to the editor about religion and education. GREAT job by Regan.

7. Last week while I was down south I got to have lunch and a little play date with the fabulous Rebecca Cooper. Seriously cute. Of course talented. And really really nice. (She has a book coming out- which is COOL.)

So long for now. :)