Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Seven

A new thing I'm starting, totally taking my good friend Heather's idea.

Seven things I am grateful for this week.

1. My sister in law Susie had her first little baby. Who I can not WAIT to meet on Thanksgiving. And take pictures of! It's wonderful to have her experience those special moments that come with your first child. Something you can't explain to anyone. They have to live it to really get it. I am thankful Susie and Ryan had a sweet healthy little girl!! (When I showed Lucy the blog post of the new baby, Lucy says "Cute, I hold it?" )

2. Sunday's. With my family. Residency and clerkship are getting a lot closer.... and becoming very real for Regan and me. I am glad right now Regan is still home on Sundays with us. I know in the not too distant future that will not always be the case!

3. Taking pictures for people. love it. Had a great engagement shoot this week. Shot a great couple in Canmore. Amazing scenery. And good company. Fun times!

4. That my momma is only a daily phone call away. Love that. Love her. She was in fact the first person I called after I sliced off my finger tip on friday. She quickly directed me to someone who actually lives in my city. :)

5. I get scrapbook supplies in the mail every month. We couldn't afford supplies right now... so I love that I get the benefits of designing for scraptivity. And the friends I have made thru doing it. A new kit will be posted tomorrow. and I had fun with it this month!!!!

6. Having good friends. I had 3 ladies over for lunch on Wednesday. It is my new thing. Ladies lunch. We had fun. All of them had little babies. Lucy was in heaven. :) She woke up all there were three babies to hold. Although she was smitten with one in particiular. She held her for a long time. And would hug her. It was adorable!!!! The next morning when she woke up from her nap she asked "Babies her today?"

7. That I still have all my fingers.... despite one being badly damaged. (see my last post for details.) Seriously, though I am sooo lucky. For being how clutzy I am nothing really bad has ever happened to me. I've always healed from everything. That is something to be grateful for!

What's on your list this week???

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Quilting can be hazardous to your health.......

Those rotary cutters are REALLY sharp.
I know. Trust me!!!
5 hours in the ER and I ended up with 6 stitches.

Looks like I am out of doing dishes for a few days eh?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

I wanted to send out a big Happy Birthday to my brother and photo partner Sean!!
Here are a few tidbits about him.
1. He is my oldest brother.
2. He is a paramedic
3. He has two kiddos.
4. He is a GREAT writer - he really has a way with words.
5. One my memories of him when we were younger involve me trying to do his laundry with his new red coat and me using bleach on the coat. Making it pink. whoops.
6. He is so perfectly suited to his wonderful wife Val.
7. He knows a LOT about our cameras. And I reap all the benefits.
8. We have lots of fun shooting weddings together and really work well together.
9. He is S-M-R-T. ;)
10. He loves loud music.
I wish I had a photo of the two of us from lately, but I don't.
Looks like I better take on at the next wedding.
He is super talented ... so check him out!
Sean's blog

I loved getting all the comments on last week's photos.... so looks like I need to ask ya'll questions to get you to comment eh??
Here is that cutie pie baby from the cutie pie pregnant belly in the last post.

This picture cracks me up since mom and dad are kissing the background and he is like eeeeewwwwwww, my mom and dad are kissing. heeheehee
What do you think?

Monday, September 17, 2007

opinions please

Which profile do you like better?

or two.

i like the first cause her arm is down and the full whiteout background.
but number two i kinda like those horizontal lines (they were blinds) and her arms up with her rings showing.

which one is your favorite and why?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Confession time

I don't understand what people mean when they say they are going to "work on" a stain. What does THAT mean? The only thing I know how to do with stained clothes is to keep spraying it with oxy clean. If that doesn't work. I'm hooped.

I bake waaaaaay to much. In the last 4 days I have made banana chocolate muffins, rice krispie squares, about 7 loaves of bread, these amazing chocolate chip squares with caramilk bars on the top (thanks Susie), a cheesecake and a loaf of pumpkin bread. It just gets worse in the winter when it's too cold to go outside. Anyone want to come over for treats?

When I was up at Scrapfest I learned something. I used to really want to be a "famous" scrapbooker. But the weekend made me realize that I enjoy it, I think it's fun, but it's not about that. It's about my kids. And my wonderful husband. Not that I don't enjoy meeting great other scrapbookers, have fun momma alone time. Not that it isn't totally cool when my pages have been in magazines. But it's not about that. A good realization from Heavenly Father. To make sure my priorities are in order.

I think anything, besides books, with cartoon characters on it is lame. Ties. Lame. Shirts. Lame. Scrapbook paper. Lame. Dresses. Lame. Wait, I just thought of another situation. In the cartoons and in coloring books. So no. I don't want to see the new scrapbook paper with princesses on it. And no I don't want to see the dresses with princess on them. Lame.

I'm just so happily married. And so completely oblivious to how people have unhappy marriages. I know they are out there. But I just don't understand it. We were talking with some good friends about this last night. About how many people are unhappy in the most important relationship you have. We believe that when you are married in the temple then you are sealed for eternity. That's a long time.
My mom always told me that her and my dad had three things (among a lot of others) that really help their marriage succeed.
one - they never blaim each other or rub it in their face. We all know when we've done something stupid or wrong. No one likes to be reminded of it.
two- never talk about your spouse negatively to someone else. including your mom (or maybe I should say especially your family.)
three- every time a disagreement comes up my mom says to herself "is this more important than my marriage" the answer has always been no. so get over it.
My mom and dad have always been so happily married. My inlaws are happily married. I am happily married. Aren't i so lucky!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Food and Pictures

Doesn't that just sound like a GREAT combo??
food and pictures..
mmmmmm aawwwwww mmmm awwww

I've been adding a LOT of recipes to our recipe blog.
So there are lots of things to make. yummy things.
You can check for tags and find desserts
or breads
or things with chocolate
or quick things.
So give a look see and tell me what you make from it.
So all my work is not in vain. :)

And i've been adding photo shoots on my photo blog.
this one is one of my favorites.

although you know I am behind on my editing when this lovely pregnant belly is now skinny and looks as if she never WAS pregnant. And the little boy is 4 weeks old.
And pictures of him yesterday turned out GREAT. I am excited to finish editing all the others between so I can post some of the new little Nash.

Tomorrow I am teaching a photography class.
So wish me luck.

Monday, September 10, 2007

i love this

Lucy says
"mommy, I hold you."
"mommy, I carry you."
"mommy, I snuggle you".

Regan took this picture yesterday on our sunday walk.

i love it.
love being back with the kids.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

5 things

I am at it again with my lists.

1. I have had another busy week. I am looking forward to school starting so that things settle down around here. :) I am off to Edmonton (with no kiddos) to help out at Scrapfest. Grandma to the rescue so that Regan's school schedule is not thrown off and so I can do this. I have never been to anything like this so we will see how it goes. QUITE strange to go driving somewhere that far without kiddos or Reg.

2. Alden is starting preschool tomorrow and we had his first music class today. Strange. But good. His music class teacher is AMAZING. I love her so much. Her name is Wendy. It is an ORFF music program and I would recommend it to anyone!!!

3. Since it is the first of September, a new kit at Scraptivity. So here are some pages to check out.

4. I painted my living room and have even hung up a few pictures. It's starting to look like we've lived here for a while. :)

5. This past weekend, on Saturday morning Alden woke up and announced that it was Sasquatch's birthday. (Sasquatch is this stuffed animal/ creature thing that was my little sister Kelly's and has become Alden's.) So we had a birthday party for him. And conveniently we had cousins in town for the day, so they all came to his party. We had a bear shaped cake. And one of the cousins, Lundyn even made him a card. :) Every day since that Alden has announced that it is another animals birthday, so he thinks we need to have another party. I told him that party was for all his animals.
On Saturday night when we were putting Alden to bed he says, "But guys, Sasquatch didn't get any presents." I told him that just wasn't going to happen.