Wednesday, June 21, 2006

hello there

So are you feeling negelcted.
Left alone.... lost without knowing what is going on with me?
Oh I am totally sure you are.
I feel like I have been running around just trying to catch up.

Last Saturday I had a sleepover for some girls.
At church I am the Activity Days leader - which is for 8-12 year old girls.
Kinda like girl guides.
So I had a final activity - we had a sleepover at my house.
It was better than I had hoped, well easier than I had hoped.
Only 4 of the 9 girls showed up.
And then they fell asleep during the movie at like 9:30pm.
So it was pretty easy! And they had fun. Worked out well in the end.

And the Saturday before that... i spent the day doing this....

200 homemade donuts.
Well about 190 donuts and 10 longjohns.
Some glazed, some chocolate, some chocolate with sprinkles, and the long johns were chocolate with whipped cream filling.

And.... no it wasn't just for fun.
We had a service auction at church.
Where you bid with points on service that others have offered to give.
They wanted us to contribute some service, but we are leaving,
so instead I told them I would make donuts.
My mom always used to have donut days when I was a kid.
And make them for my school.
She was called the donut lady.
And now I understand more how great my mom was to do that.
This is a shot of all of them before we hauled them off to the church.

The best part about it.... some good friend kids of ours that were there decided that the donut holes were called "regbits" (similar to "timbits" from Tim Hortons.)
I laughed pretty hard over that one!

And we have had a foster boy living with us.
A 13-year-old-never-had-any-rules-argumentative-clumbsy-dying-for-attention boy.
Yesterday the social workers came and took him to the airport to fly out to Manitoba.
To go live with his real dad.
Who is so very very happy to have him come.
And we couldn't be more pleased with how the whole thing turned out.
But it was tough. Really tough.
So I have been behind and over tired.... and perhaps a bit cranky.
I have a good husband.
Who would stop me from saying things to this boy that I would later regret.
It's good that it worked out that one of us would be feeling peace.
Even during the most frustrating of times.
One to say to the other, it's okay, just walk
That people, is one of the many reasons I love to be married.

So now that he is off, I have to start on the moving home process.
We've got to pack and take some more photos of things and people we'll miss.

Which brings me to item number 3 on my list.
The ocean.
I am a mountain girl.
I love the moutains.
And not these
hills around here they call mountains.
I mean
real mountains.
The rocky moutains.
And I miss them terribly.
But the ocean is something that is so beautiful in a different way.
I love the vastness of it.
I remember the first time we went to the shore and stood there.
Regan mentioned that if we got on a boat and started going we would hit Europe...
well that's just crazy.
Waaaaayyyy out there past all the sharks and big fishies....
is a whole other continent.
How cool is THAT!

A few shots from last year of alden at the ocean.

Now that we are all caught up... i'm off to make lunch and then pack some closets.
Only 25 days til we fly home.
And i've got lots to do.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

number two

number two would have to be
the boardwalk
It is about 5 minute drive from our house
and we go there... a lot.
Many days walking around it,
throwing rocks into the water,
just being there.
Alden LOVES it. He will miss the boardwalk too.

And in other news......

Scraptivity had a big design team contest thingie
where 6 new members were to be added.
There were 85 enteries I guess.
Wow that is a lot.
The lucky 7 were
Denise, Ki, Jennifer, Connie Chantal, Sylvie and Sue!
So excited to work with these new ladies and get to know them all better! Congrats girls!

Now.... off to pack!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Number one

Since I am on a countdown now.... and countdown to move home, I thought I'd start a list.
If you didn't know I am a list maker.
Lists for everything.

Regan always asks about the lists, when they will start, what they are about.

I even make lists for other people, primarily
other meaning Regan.
So this list is a ongoing list.
To later be used as a scrapbook mini album
of course.
A list of the things we are going to miss from Nova Scotia.

And thing
s we have learned and love.

Today is number one.

One of my favorite things in the world.


I love them.
I just think they are so beautiful!

And so not something that exists in Alberta.

Although maybe we could con
vince Waterton Dam to build one. :)

I have no idea why blogger is making the colors on my photos go so strange... but i can't get it to stop it today. hmmmmm. I'll try and fix it later!

Friday, June 02, 2006

potatoes, june kit and cute kids

There has been some things lately that have had me thinking.
About the need in this world for love.
For kindness.
More of it.
For everyone.

I don't think making fun of others is funny.
Not when it's me.
Not when it's about other people.
It's just not funny to me.
And I know that some people think that makes me no fun.
I sense that.
But you still won't see me laughing about it.
The thing is you don't know.
You have no idea how whatever you said affected that person.

And because of adults and how we are to each other and how we are to kids,
kids learn it.

Kids can be so brutal to each other.
It's not a new thing.
In fact it has always been around.
But I see so much in their behavior now that makes me sad.
Especially sad that we as adults taught them to act like that.
We allow it.
Too much.

I want to raise kids that are kind.
kindness first.
I think I need shirts that say that.

Things have been about to make me think,
one of which is this potato...
and I mean it must be a sign....right ;)

on a completely different and lighter note....
it's June.
Which means that a new Scraptivity kit is about.
And it is soo cool
Here are my two favorite pages I did with this kit.

You can check out all the fab work by the DT here.

And here are some cute photos from the past few days of the kids.
Alden "reads" every night in bed after we leave the room.
And a few nights in a row we have found him like this.

And beautiful Lucy.
She has been sleeping terribly the last few nights.
But she is still as cute as ever.