Thursday, January 26, 2012

Listography: List 56


List 56: Least Favorite Smells

1. Coffee.
2. Smelly Feet.
3. Sports Equipment.
4. B.O.
5. Dirty Dish Towels
6. Rotten Potatoes
7. Cigarette Smoke



Catherine Dabels said...

What about my kids breath after they eat Doritos? Gag me.

Heather M. said...

ha! this was such a weird list. i was wondering why i included it when i was writing mine last night. i totally agree with all of them especially #5. i need to add that to my list right now.

Alysha said...

totally agree! ughhhh
i could add A LOT more to that list at the moment too. Pretty much everything smells bad to me right now. :(

Kristin said... nothing to do with this post, but i havent been on the computer muchlately. (funny how 5 kids can do that to you!) I just want you to know that Oliver looks just like your other kids! He is such a cutie pie!!!
Okay so maybe something to do with this post, I hate all those smells, but coffee, I love the smell of coffee, I dont drink it, but i sure do love the smell!!

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

Our garburator got jammed with a penny before christmas and I forgot to clean it out before we left for a week. The only thing down there was potato peels. Not fun to come home to. So I agree with the rotten potatoes. Gross.

But I do like the smell of coffee. BUT not coffee breath. That stinks.