Friday, March 09, 2012

Foto Fridays: Our Year in Photos

Month 3 Week 2: Siblings.

For the second week of each month we'll focus on relationships.

To know more about this project you can read my first post here.

I convinced the kids to come outside for just a few minutes to take some shots of all of them. They actually agreed despite last night all of them except Alden were up multiple times. As in 5 times with Eli, 3 with Lucy and 2 with Oliver. Sheer madness.
Good thing I LOVE THEM.

9 March 2012: Siblings

I always thought I'd have all my kids crammed together. But that wasn't meant to be. And now that I have this many kids I am glad they aren't all crammed in a short amount of time. In Mormonville 3 years seems to be a big space. But out of the church everyone comments on how nice a 3 year gap is. I've realized it's perfect for us. 3 years pretty much between every kid. 9,6,3,5 months. Perfect.

And I have to add one more of them all....
Siblings #2

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Let the party begin... said...

Sweet shots...I see the rubber boots are still going strong, lol!

Heather M. said...

these are such great photos of your kids. i love that you made time to take them.

Brooke Snow said...

They are so cute! I'm happy to know that its still acceptable for me to space at least three years apart :) ha ha! You make me feel better!