Monday, March 19, 2012

Oliver at 6 months

Can you believe it? This little man is 6 months old already!!!

In the first week by Devyn at DB Images

And then a week or so later by Kinsey at Kinsey Holt Photography

At six months Oliver:
• is sleeping mostly on a schedule, goes to bed around 730-8pm sleeps until 5 am, feeds and goes back to sleep until 730 or 8am, awake until 10am sleeps until 1130am, sleepy around 1pm again and sleeps until 3ish (if we are home which often it seems we aren't, awake until 6 where he has a cat nap and then bed again
• is the happiest baby! Smiling all the time and loves attention from anyone anytime
• puts up with constant affection from Eli quite well
• rolls all over the place
• sleeps on his tummy
• loves his soother
• slobbers A LOT
• has tried rice cereal, barley cereal, prunes, parsnips, applesauce, strawberries, bananas, water
• likes parsnips the most and really could do without any of the rest
• makes a real mess when he eats
• is VERY grabby
• loves to make "b" sounds and talk
• blows out his diapers a fair bit still
• wears 6-9 month clothes
• loves his jolly jumper a LOT
• loves to stand and will even move his feet like walking sometimes
• still spits up a bit
• is such a calm relaxed baby
• thinks his siblings are hilarious
• is quite snuggly
(Eli took this one)
• likes being rocked to sleep
• loves to play with my hair
• really brings so much love and happiness into our home. He is ajoy to have around!


LindsayB said...

and looks just his momma!

Christal said...

so so cute can't believe he is 6 months old already! and parsnips I don't think anybody in this house has ever even had them:) He is such a good baby love him!! They grow up way to fast!

Susie said...

Ah what the parsnips. He hs got to be your simplest baby. That's a pretty good schedule for ya.

Visible Voice said...

Oh these photos made me tear up. So adorable.

ken and shelley + boys said...

He is so stink'in cute Rhonda. What a handsome little guy. As usual love your blog.