Friday, March 30, 2012

Foto Friday: Our Year in Photos

Month 3 Week 5: Free Week.

For the fifth week of each month we'll mix it up and shoot anything about your child in a new way.

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Some of my favorite photographs from my own childhood involve my cousins. I think because some of those memories are so strong in my mind. Back stories that my parents weren't a part of. Like the time I got in trouble for punching my cousin in the face at my Grandma Stasiuk's house. But I punched him cause he hit me with pillow and it caught on my earring and ripped out the earring. (How can you tell I had lots of brothers if my response to getting hurt was to sucker punch one to the person who did it :) )

And looking back I just had so much fun with my cousins. And the ones that lived far away were like an special treat. You were always left wanting more when they left. Well thinking of that and with my SIL down from Edmonton for a little visit, I took these pictures yesterday night.
Cousin Visit
They are silly and not the ones I wanted, where the kids looked at me, with Alden actually blocking the sun so I could backlight them properly, and them sitting still so the tricycle in the background wouldn't be seen and nice smiles.
But really THIS is our kids together. They laugh and goof around. Matthew is always petting Eli's head, all of them talking baby talk to Oliver, Lucy relishing and hating (at the same time) being the only girl in the group, lots of telling them to not talk so loud, shipping them outside, playing the wii, building lego, Alden laughing at Matthew's theatrics, Jacob correcting us when we call him handsome ("I'm a BOY!"), Tyler explaining things and Eli getting scared for being chased and then asking the boys to chase him again and again.
It's loud and crazy and totally what childhood memories are made of.

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Jennifer Isackson said...

What a great memory Rhonda! It makes me wish I had those experiences with my cousins. I could pass by almost everyone one of my cousins on the street and they wouldn't even know I was related to them :(

At least I can change that for my children!

Brooke Snow said...

Oh I love my cousin photos from when I was a little girl too! These are so fun and full of personality and emotion! It will be fun to look back on these when everyone is older :)

Carlye said...

Cousins are the BEST! They play a huge part in my childhood memories too.

I love that Eli's shoes are on the wrong feet :)

Heather M. said...

those photos are so awesome! how fun! i have so many good memories of playing with my cousins when i was little too.

and i cannot picture you sucker punching someone. seriously.

Chelsea Belle said...

So big! her kids are so big and this made me feel like time was spinning out of control away from me.
Good thing we capture via Jpeg eh?

Marlowe said...

We are expecting our seventh child and looking at these makes me think, oh man, that's what we're going to look like in our own family!