Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My brother and SIL invited us to go for a looong drive Saturday to the dinosaur museum. We wavered... it's a long drive from here. But I think it's good to try to do fun things like this with our kids. And friends going too? Great!
The kids surprised us with how good they travelled. And confirmed it for us - on the summer we'l drive down to Utah for a vacation!
Then we checked out reptile world and it was gross, cool and really really stinky.
Then we went and checked out the HUGE T-Rex you can climb up. (Totally a ripoff but the kids loved it!)
Then we all went out to Boston Pizza - the waitress earned her tips that night! And a crazy snow storm blew in while we drove home.
It was a great day!


Christy and Brett Bevans said...

Drumheller is fun. We went this summer. My kids were a little young to enjoy it, but I think your kids would be the right age (and boys tend to be more into dinosaurs). Went up that same huge t-rex and ate at that Boston Pizza too. haha.

Marie said...

We love the dinosaur museum and go there every summer, but we've never checked out the reptile world. Was it worth the price? I've always been wary that it would be small, lame, and not worth the buck.

I didn't even know you could climb up that big dinosaur. Please don't tell my kids!

whitney said...

Sweet pictures! I'll have to come over one of these days and just go through your files and see all the pics with my family in them!
We were so glad you guys came! I think it is part of the reason Finn had such a good day, he is getting more and more used to you guys!

Christal said...

Awesome pictures so fun wish we hadn't just done it or we would have totally come! Our kids were mad at us at us but hey with our kids there it would have been insane ha ha! Glad it was a good day:)

LindsayB said...

good times! thank you for not putting up the pic with 'the tail' hanging out of the snake mouth. we'll have to plan another family fun day soon and this time we'll join in!

Alysha said...

Drumheller is great. We've only ever been to the Tyrell Museum, but those other places look fun. I can't believe you and your kids held that snake ahhhhhhhhhhhhh freaks me out! hahah