Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. A few of you have emailed me and asked about how to make the proclamation art from last week... I'll give you a run down tomorrow.

2. Caught this shot of Regan and Lucy singing songs together after church and dinner last Sunday.
4 March 2012

3. Some days I think my best mothering skill is making my children cry.

4. Took all my kids to the eye doctor and Lucy might need glasses some time soon. For now we are "Watching" it.
8 March 2012

5. Look who's sitting in a high chair now.
9 March 2012

6. I found this song lately thanks to a friend who linked it on another's friend's facebook page. I downloaded it and listen to it over and over....

7. We had kids over every day for a week and this is what the basement looked like. Really it's been a lot worse than this. Sometimes I just leave it for a few days until it drives me batty then I make them clean it up. Although every Saturday it gets a good clean. But really, this shot shows that fun was had here!
10 March 2012

8. This kid stayed up reading over 90 pages of Harry Potter sunday night. Yep he was tired Monday for school!
3 March 2012

9. Eli has learned to spell his name. I am still working with him to get to write the letters. Really his name should be EASY! He did this and then added a random j too....
7 March 2012

10. If you are use instagram on your iphone, I have a photographer husband you can follow here.....

PS did you see my latest family session over here


Chelsea Belle said...

Really Rhonda, before 9am...just kidding, love keeping up to date you and your fam. PS Don't you think Alden suddenly looked a lot older in the picture?

Carlye said...

Awesome list! I seem to be pretty good at #3 these days too!

Stewart and Clarissa Foss said...

That is a great song.

LindsayB said...

i think we all feel that #3 some days! i can't believe how big oliver looks! and you make those baldry's clean up when they are there!

KellyLady said...

Amen to #3!!! Love your post as always

Lisha said...

I also agree with #3! And I absolutely love the plates you have on your wall behind Oliver :)

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

love your post (as always.)
and the pic of your basement. In my mind, that's the sign of a good day. Fun and not much fighting from boredom.

Christal said...

love this and is that kolten on the couch seriously tell him to clean he would!

Katie said...

Rhonda- what a fun blog you have! I love the song link you posted- I'm currently desperate for a spring refresher on my playlist- thanks!

p.s- noticed you have a digital piano. We are shopping for one... what can you tell me?