Tuesday, March 06, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. I hosted a craft night at my house and we made these. I love love love mine. I got the idea from my friend Chelsea and adjusted it fit my house. Everyone made different colors and such.

28 February 2012

2. Last week it was Dr. Seuss' birthday. Well the night before Lucy had a little friend named Hadley over and together they decided that I should make a birthday cake for the class. So I called and offered to make one. I made this. I doesn't really look like it but it's supposed to be the Cat in the hat hat. But my red (which I used an entire bottle of gel red food coloring) only went pinkish red. Lucy also tried to convince me to make her a Dr Seuss dress the night before as well. I think her words were "now you just have to whip me up a dr Seuss dress and it'll be perfect." I didn't agree to that part. When she got home from school her first words coming into the door were "mom, you did it wrong! Red is supposed to be on the top."
2 March 2012

3. The weather says it's gonna be 15 above this week! CRAZY. As in crazy AWESOME.

4. I need to take some pictures this week and I am needing some models and inspiration... I kind of want someone to dress up in a wedding dress for me! Or a really old couple. But here's one from my last assignment. Taken at 1 am in the middle of the street in raymond.

5. I registered Eli in preschool for the fall. Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons. Best part is he gets to rid the bus home in the afternoon..... :)

6. I finally jumped on board and read the hunger games. As in read in one day read. :) Yep liked it.

7. Did a fun family shoot for my friend Julie last week.... here's two to see... (isn't her house the CUTEST!)
Layla and her room

8. Sleep has been really really bad this past week. I've been feeling quite zomby-ish.

9. I need to post an update on my project life pages.

10. Still haven't made those brownies from a week or so ago... although a neighbor sent over two boxes of candy canes.... seems I HAVE To do it now ;)


Let the party begin... said...

I couldn't see what it is you made but I'm sure it was good. I guess even your daughter knows how magically you can be if she felt you could whip off a dress for her overnight, lol! Love your friend's house!!

Catherine Dabels said...

I've said it before and i'll say it again. I love your blog. And I love the wall hanging you did. I want something like that.

Megan said...

I love that proclamation sign! Hadley talked me into making a cake for Dr. Seuss on Saturday......she decorated it......not quite as good as yours though. Ha. I'm tempted to model in my wedding dress for you. We didn't have a photographer for our wedding...sad.

Love your blog!

Christal said...

Love it! all I always look forward to tuesday and then tuesdays always seem so much less busy for me then I end up doing 10 on tuesday but its fun! I need to borrow hunger games now so we can all go to the movie excited ha ha! I have tried once before but I need to try again:) Love julie's pictures so cute!

whitney said...

I told you you would like Hunger Games! Glad you finally read it so we can go to the movie together!
I would totally put on a wedding dress if you want

Visible Voice said...

Um I want that wall art. Like I pinned it and everything. Did you guys use vinyl?

Amy said...

Yay, you liked the Hunger Games! I hope you can convince Megan M. to give the books a try!
So, red icing. You need LOTS of the red, but also almost as much yellow to make it less pink. Hope this helps.

The Super Seven said...

I'm with Kristi on the wall art.....is it vinyl?? Can you hook us up with how to make our own?? Love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would totally love some instructions for the wall art too!!! If I lived closer, I would pose in my wedding dress for you (not sure it still fits though).