Monday, March 05, 2012


I've been writing down things Eli says for a while. Just cause he says so many funny things. It's partly the age and partly him I think.

Some of my favorites:

"SURRENDER" - always yelled at the top of his lungs (which is annoying)

"tailnippers" - nail clippers

"well that's exactly what I'm going to do"

"Oliberry" - Oliver

"i think he needs mommy milk"

"i'm totally dressed now"

"i want to watch piderman but not the bad one, only the good one" (he never says the s for spiderman)


"ife" - knife

motorbicyle - motorcycle

"commudered" - computer

"yea I fixed it" (how) "with the button on top"

"can I have a mixtery" (all my kids say that instead of mixture but only when talking about cereal)

Whenever we try to get him to say the letter sound properly in a word he always says it just fine but then goes on saying the word all funny.

And this conversation goes on pretty much EVERY DAY about 5 times a day (or more) and frankly drives me bonkers.

"can i watch a movie on the computer" (no)
" can i watch on the tv?" (no)
"dad's iphone?" (no)
"can I go to James' house?" (not right now)
"can I play with Talan?" (not right now)
"can I play with Roman?" (not right now)
"can I play with Mason?" (not right now)
"well then can i watch a movie on the computer"
and on and on....

He keeps us on our toes in many many ways. Good thing he's so cute!


Susie said...

Who invented the mix ups, mixterys. sometimes the girls want 3 different cereals. a little much for me sometimes. i do think it was grandma?? eli is a funny little dude. I still remember the first time I heard him talk a lot and loud "DADIE" it was aldens baptism

LindsayB said...

the mix up cereal totally started with grandma! c-c-c-tastle. i have another music crib thing of Sage's that broke the other day so i guess i should have him over to press the button on top and fix it! he really is a crack up.

Heather M. said...

too funny. love all those cute things he says and i love that you wrote them all down.

Abby Metz said...

I love Eli!