Wednesday, November 28, 2007

um hello there!

yes. we are still alive around here.
yes. we've been super duper sick.
no, it doesn't help (at times like this) to have a doctor in the house.
you just gotta live out the flu.
it does help to have regan around though.
as dad.
and house cleaner
and dishes washer.
and laundry doer.
he's done a lot around the house the last few weeks.
for which I am sooooo thankful.
he works all day at school and then comes home and was working here too.
poor guy.

i am a tiny bit swamped with waaay to many things that i said i would do.
i have a slight problem of not being able to say no.
wonder where that comes from.... (right mom???)

one thing I have been working on is this....

Okotoks Scrapbook Convention
Check out this article about it here.
I am helping with the classes.
Trying to get them all together and arranged and teachers and sponsors.
It's a GREAT cause!!

And photos.
And regular mommy stuff and wifey stuff.
Plus we had our Primary Presentation at church (glad it's over!!)

Tonight Regan and I are going on a date.
And I am super excited. :)

What have you been up too?


Rashelle said...

Hope you all get feeling better. I have heard that there are some bugs going around. We just went and got are flu shots today, hopefully it will help some.

whitney said...

What have we been up to...
work, and being sick, and work, and work, and never seeing Brad because he works all day and night. Oh, and realizing Christmas is less than a month away and I have not a thing done for it. Can you tell it's been a long month?
And I'm sending out an early Happy Birthday because who knows if I will be in my right mind on Friday to say it then.

LindsayB said...

hope y'all are feelin better. i bet the date was a good one. it's always nice to take a few hours off.

Heather M. said...

I hope everyone is on the mend soon! I'm glad Regan is such an amazing dad and husband.
Hope you are getting stuff checked off your list. :) I'm super excited to be a part of the convention!

Susie said...

busy busy life you have. Hope you enjoyed the date nite. what are we up to.. just mom stuff ha ha, oh and ryan what else? do you have to ask

Tammy said...

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Birthday (Nov 30), if I remember correctly. Sorry to hear your not feeling well. Hope you return to good health soon!

MonaS! said...

hope you had a fabulous date! I also hope you are feeling better soon too!!!

Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

date night sounds like a lot of fun. what did you do?
josh and i are dirt poor so it usually consists of renting a movie or going out for a cheap dinner. i still love it, since i am with him :)