Monday, October 15, 2007


It was a good day today!
We had lots of fun. And lots of laughs.
First off, my photographic partner in crime, Sean took all the pictures today.
Which was great so I could just focus on being momma.

My favorite picture of the day....

Here is his cake I made...

First we played a little "What time is mr. shark" (Alden insisted it had to be shark instead of fox."

Played a little classic pin the tail on the donkey.

Jackson found Alden's costume and wore it around a bit.
(The glasses aren't part of it!)

Cousin Sonya was totally into it. :)

Kenzie was stylin' as well....

Nate wasn't a fan of the glasses, but he sure enjoyed the cake.

Little Lucy really enjoyed all the kids over...
and the chocolate milk and cake.

And as a bonus I got to hold a beautiful new baby boy.

Each year when Alden's birthday comes around I remember that day.
When I first experienced all of this motherhood stuff.
It's something I knew I always wanted to do.
One day I'll be a mom.
But then one day it's here.
It is amazing. And overwhelming.
And wonderful.
I remember, very vividly, falling in love with him the moment he was out.
I remember how hard labour and delivery is.
How special that moment is.
When they place that baby on your chest for the first time.
It is unexplainable.
I am so grateful that I get to do this.
And that Alden was the little man who started it all off.


Anonymous said...

great post! The pis are so cute! GLad that he had a great birthday party.

Emily Murdock said...

Thanks for inviting us! It was such a fun party...Happy Birthday Alden!

Drennans said...

love those glasses!!! man Ièll never have pictures that good...maybe someday if I get a decent camera!

Carmen said...

Looks like everyone had a blast! Fantstic!! Happy Birthday Alden!!

KellyLady said...

Loved the cake! Your talents just keep coming out...and Sean's pics were fantastic as usual!

Melissa said...

You are so cute. What a great party and invitation. I love it. Please email me some links for photoshop that would be awesome.
Your the best!

Crystal said...

What a cute cake! And the pictures of everyone having fun are great. I'm glad Alden had fun!

I love your thoughts on motherhood. You are such a good mom!