Monday, December 10, 2007

Sunday Seven

Really I should start calling these Monday's seven... since they are often up on Monday. But doesn't Sunday Seven just have a better ring to it??

1. Thankful that we are only five days away from Regan's Christmas break. Five more days of him being gone a LOT and then we have him 24 hours a day until January 2nd. It's going to be a good christmas holidays.

2. Thankful for sister in laws who phone me to see how I am. Or to see what I think. Or to tell me about their kiddos. Or whatever. Just glad I have sister in laws.

3. Thankful for good sleepers. We got up today at 9:30. Yes, I know I am spoiled. That is why school mornings are so hard around here.... cause we all like to sleep in. Kindergarden next year should be interesting!!

4. Thankful for the Christmas season. Love the music. Love giving presents. Love the decorations. Love Christmas cards. Love turkey dinner....mmmmmmm. Love the true meaning. Love it all.

5. Thankful that I thought of the BEST presents for Regan this year. I always struggle getting him things since he doesn't want anything. But MAN think I did good this year. :) (I'd tell you but he reads this sometimes.)

6. Thankful for our little Sunday tradition of 10 questions. Regan and I alternate weeks asking each other questions. About anything. Really it is just planned conversation. We go thru spurts of consistency. But it is just so fun to just sit and talk and talk.

7. Thankful for a clean kitchen.


Emily Murdock said...

Oh, how I long for a clean kitchen to be thankful for! I'm thankful for a clean bathroom. Well, it was clean on Saturday anyway. :)

LindsayB said...

i'm thankful for a sis in law like you too! can't wait to play soon! thanks for the pics. can i harass you for one of me and derek and the kids from thanksgiving, or are they all no good?

Susie said...

I'm thankful for a lot of the same.. exams to be done, sis in law. and wishing for some of the others you have. I am so impressed with sleeping kids i think that is rare what are your tips?

Crystal said...

I like that idea of weekly 10 questions! I bet you have great conversations. I'm like you when it comes to Christmas - I love it all!! Enjoy your time with Regan :))