Saturday, November 03, 2007

a princess and a ninja turtle

Here are the long awaited costume pictures.
I had to bribe the kiddos with treats.
But that is just fine with me. :)

And no, Lucy's boots aren't part of her costumer but someone just gave them to her and she loooooooves them a lot. (Thanks Sean and Val!)


JA Crew said...

LOVE the ninja turtle costume! great pics - no surprise there ;)

Anonymous said...

You've got yourself two very cute kiddos! Lovely costumes.


PS I think you should post whenever you want. I'm sure a lot of people love reading your blog.

Carmen said...

They look great!! And the boots really add a classy, princessy touch!! hee hee

Drennans said...

great pictures. I love that ninja turtle!

MonaS! said...

love the ninja turtle costume. They both look great!

Denise said...

Great costumes .. love the boots!!

PS: I think you should post whenever you have something you want to share. I'll always pop in to take a peek. ;)

Fernandez Family said...

Great pictures! I love the turtle costume and Lucy makes a beautiful princess. Are you sure she doesn't want to trade Teo her wand for his sword though?

Keep posting - blogs are my stay-at-home-mom outlet!!

Heather said...

Such cutie's. LOL on teh boots. It looks so sweet with the princess look.