Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Seven

1. Thankful that I am able to take pictures. Had two shoots yesterday. Got a babysitter for the first and arranged the second during Lucy's nap so that I wouldn't take away from Regan's studies. Nothing to sneak a peak with yet, cause I haven't downloaded them as of yet. Trying to get my last wedding shoot finished up first.

2. Thankful for the library. We got a lot. And get a lot of books and movies. I registered Lucy for a mommy and tot class during Alden's school time. Then we can do something fun together Thursday mornings.

3. Thankful for Christmas. Yeah, I know it's only October... but I am getting a head start this year. Already thinking and planning the gifts I am making this year. Gonna start (and finish) before Christmas Eve.

4. Soooo grateful to read that my friend's husband Casey is out of the hospital for now. So happy for the whole family. And hope and pray that he is in remission for a long time.

5. Thankful that Sunday went good today.

6. Thankful that Alden loves school. He really likes his teacher. And I am so proud that he is obedient and well behaved at school. (I have a cute picture from his first day but for some reason, blogger won't load it..... hmmmm)

7. Thankful we could have a get together with a bunch of medical school student husbands and wives we know. It is nice to see some of the people that Regan spends sooo much time with.


Anonymous said...

You take such great pics! I wish you were still here to take Ethan's picture and a good family shot. It's so nice being able to get it done outside

Crystal said...

I love reading your lists, Rhonda! I always go away feeling calm and refreshed. Have a great week!

MonaS! said...

More beautiful photos - you are a very talented woman, my friend. I love your list of thankful things. Its important to remember these little things.

JA Crew said...

i love your "telephone" shots! so fun! those invitations you made for susie's shower were ADORABLE!!!! thanks SO much for doing that!!! you'll have to teach me how to use photoshop to do things like that.

Drennans said...

I love your Sunday seven...I think I'm going to try to do that on my blog. I used to do the daily three (in my head) but that's too much to commit to on my blog. Thanks it's great!