Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

to me :)
Every year I always think of my momma on this day.
At least now that I have kiddos.
I'm glad she went thru the long (for her) 3 hour birth
(where I rolled in the middle of hard labour.) OUCH!
Thanks mom!

And thanks for all the birthday wishes I've been getting.
On the phone.
On facebook.
In emails.

And on a side note.
Had a fun photo shoot for my good friend Leah.
Who is so that cute pregnant lady every other pregnant lady hates cause she looks so good.

yep that's her!


Heather M. said...

Happy, happy birthday to you, sweet friend! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful day! :)

JA Crew said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Hope your day was wonderful!!
Ok, just checked out your other blog and those photos are soooo cute! If I ever have another baby, will you do my mat photos????

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday to you!! I'm glad you did the 'sick' thing last week so you are better now. May blessings abound for you, Rhonda! I'm sure your Mom is remembering too today :) and marveling at all that has happened and thanking God for the woman that her daughter has become!

Tisha said...

Just a question, who takes pictures at YOUR birthday party?? LOL! Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy b-day a few days late. Sounds like you had a good one!

KellyLady said...

Happy birthday from the Johnson crew! Hope you had a fabulous one and didn't have to clean up after the party!

Carmen said...

Happy Birthday my friend!! Have a wonderful day!!

MonaS! said...

Happy belated, my friend! I am sooooo sorry I missed it. Hope you had a wonderful day.

Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

Hope your bday was super awesome and that you got to eat some goodies to celebrate!