Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week in the Life : Monday Photos + Words

Well the weekend slipped away on me. Regan just finished a rotation so I was busy being with him. An important thing, that when he has time, I have to have time. He is my first priority. So I was with him. And our kids. I did manage to fit in another photo shoot on Saturday. With a fun, beautiful family that I am already excited about editing the pictures for. (But they are the back of the editing line!) :)

I started this project of documenting my life for a week. I took pictures all day yesterday and I wanted to do a point form jot down about the whole day that I can later use for my album I'll be making.

• got up a little earlier than usual, at 8:30am, to the sounds of Alden and Lucy fighting with each other at the kitchen table (not something nice to wake up to!)
• after their joint time out, we talked about what happened
• Lucy was upset because Alden was filling his bowl too full of milk, and she was yelling at him. So Alden hit her. So she hit him back.
• They both end up in tears even though no one is physically hurt, both of them (Alden probably more so) gets upset at the emotions of the fight more than being "hurt".
• Lucy just loses her temper at Alden not listening to her mothering
• Aunt Susie called and asked if we wanted to quickly get dressed and go to the zoo to enjoy the beautiful fall weather
• We quickly got dressed (about 45 minutes for all 4 of us to get ready - which is pretty good for us!!)
• And met up with Susie at the zoo.
• It was a great day at the zoo. Beautiful weather and no big crowds!
• Saw lots of good animals and played at the playground - which is always my kids favorite part.
• Got a work out at the zoo, while pushing that big stroller with all three kids on! 70 lbs of kids plus the stroller!
• Ate a picnic lunch before dropping Alden off at school
• Came back home with Susie meeting us here
• Sadie and Eli both had naps while Susie and I hung out and Lucy watched a little movie
• I drove to get Alden from school - and we met at our "new" spot, which is the train playground instead of right in front of the door
• Regan surprised us all by coming home early
• We decided to have a weiner roast at Bowness park, so Reg, Alden and Lucy ran to the store to pick up supplies while Susie and I got everything ready
• Invited the Clark family
• Had hot dogs, pasta salad, chips and then smores
• the kids rode around on their bikes & we hung out
• the kids loved playing in the dirt and getting REALLY filthy so as soon as we got home it was quick baths for all - then family prayers, stories, songs and bed time
• then relaxing time for Regan and me - well not so much Reg as he has to get CARMS stuff ready for residency - but I got to lay on the couch and hold Eli and watch Chuck (my fav show)

If you actually read that all you must be bored (hahahaha)


MonaS! said...

looks like you had some fun family time! Love the photos of the kids!

Fernandez Family said...

Not bored! i've been meaning to get to the Zoo all week. I love the weiner roast idea...totally reminds me of fall as a kid.

Crystal said...

No, I'm not bored just avoiding an intensely disliked job!! GReat to read about your day though. It's neat to see how much can be packed in to a day when you detail it all. Love your photos too!