Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Week in the Life : Tuesday Photos + Words

Highlights of the day...
• stopping at the library for good books and good movies
• working on editing photos

• the wonderful bouquet of flowers from a friend that is a feast for the senses, both the eyes and the nose

• every day breakfast for Alden. he MUST have green - even if it means the sippy cup if it's the only green cup washed
• distracting Lucy with the tv so she will let me do her hair
• multi-tasking teeth brushing and keeping a baby happy
• Lucy playing with Eli
And a low light (but very funny) of the day:
just as I was about to take this picture, Lucy wound up for a swing as Alden reacts in fear.....
(a time out came after for Lucy and I got a picture of that too - along with her fake crying.....)
other tidbits about the day
• Kim came over to hang out and told me to go grocery shopping kid free - which I did and enjoyed it
• Alden playing with Sam - reading books and play cars and riding bikes daily with Josie and Jared
• Lucy playing at Isabell's house (her very very very best friend)
• leftovers for supper along with corn on the cob
• I helped out at Young Women's activity - teaching them to sew bags
• Rushing out the door as soon as regan got home
• checking the mail daily for goodies (but most often getting bills)
• reading the paper every morning while I eat breakfast
• Alden picking out his own snack each day and putting it in his backpack for school
• Realizing it is 12:15 and the kids better each lunch quick so I can get Alden to school on time
• The kids playing in the sandbox and enjoying the lovely fall day
• Eli's many sleeps throughout the day

Are you playing along this week too? If so, I'd love a link!
And a big happy birthday today to my SIL Lindsay!
AND we are working on potty training today. She's already gone twice today and been dry all morning. Wish me LUCK!
And there are new photos of my friend Heather's baby boy on my photo blog here.


Heather M. said...

awesome photos - love the one of you brushing your teeth! :) i took one of me blowdrying my hair while holding silas.

Drennans said...

I'm totally enjoying "a day in the life of" the Steed fam. Great photos as always...especially the swat in the act. That'll be a great story later in life!

Carmen said...

Gorgeous flowers. Totally puts me in the Fall mood.