Monday, September 01, 2008

i know

that i've got a good marriage because...
1. although we have different likes and tastes, we support each other in them.
2. we don't fight.
3. it's with my best friend.
4. we have strengths where the other has weaknesses.
5. even though I am a sleep deprived new mom, I can stay up talking with Regan til 1 am just cause we love to talk to each other.

It was a great long weekend with Regan home.
The kids enjoyed it too.
We went to Heritage Park on Saturday with Sean and Val and kiddos. Had two couples over for cards and treats Saturday night. Enjoyed a leisurely Sunday dinner with friends. Went to the zoo today.

And I even had a little time to scrapbook with the new September Scraptivity kit.

(GREAT photos on this last one by my wonderful friend Heather.)

I'm blessed and I know it.
And I'm grateful!

Tomorrow we are on to Alden's first day of school!
There will be photos! And hopefully no tears (from either of us!)


Heather M. said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your weekend with Regan home! :) :) :)
Love the layouts you created - that was quick! So happy to see you scrapping those photos!

Jess said...

wow I can't believe you have a kid going to school. Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend. Good luck with the first day of school.

Crystal said...

It must have been wonderful to have Regan home again! And you did lots of stuff with friends too - a great way to celebrate a long weekend. I hope school goes great for Alden - it feels like I've known you forever - he was just a baby way back then! And your LOs are great - love the painting and stamping.

MonaS! said...

So, how was Alden's first day?! I love the los that you did - they are beautiful. I am so glad you had a wonderful weekend at home with your husband. Have a great week.

Mary said...

Your new layouts are so FUN! Glad that you had a good weekend with the hubby! :)

IreneWSL said...

Came across your blog randomly... I love your art, they're so pretty!!