Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blogs i love

My friend Mary had a list on her blog.
A blog award list.
Which I was honored she'd pick me!
There are lots of blogs I love.

But the ones I check almost every day are:

Ali Edwards - I find her work very inspiring. And i love that she posts often. That encourages the looking every day. :)

Tara Whitney. The photographer I most look up to. Admire. What I would give to spend a couple hours picking her brain about what she does. Or following her around during a shoot. Or even getting her to do one for me. Aaahhh to dream!

Simple Mom I love her outlook on life. And she writes so well. I have been really encouraged by some of the things she has written. And it helps me to want to live more simply.

Heather Such a sweet friend. Love her. Love to read about her life and see her great scrapbook pages. Love her photos. Wish that we got to see each other more in real life.

Mary I love her wedding album she is sharing here. Love it. Such a good scrapbooker. Great photographer. And a sweet girl.

There are lots others that I read all the time.
In fact, a long list as you can see on the side bar.....
But these are the ones I make sure I check often.


Heather M. said...

You are so awesome! :) :) :)
I love reading your blog too!
I have to check out Simple Mama - haven't read that one yet but it sounds good.

Mary said...

Awww, thanks!

Good blogs! I am a sucker for blogs! The only one I haven't read is SimpleMama. I gotta go check it out!