Monday, September 15, 2008

Tales of Toddlerhood

A cut up cereal box can entertain children (and watching parents) for quite a while.....
And This little girl likes to make sure we are wearing the same color each day.
She insisted on wearing her striped shirt. Cause I was.

And when I ask to do her hair, she says "mom are you having a pony tail or a bun?"
When I say one or the other, she says "me too."

She cracks me up.


Heather M. said...

LOL! Too cute!
It was so great to see you guys yesterday! Sorry that Helayna was so fussy - hopefully she'll be back to her sweet self soon.
Thanks for dinner (it was awesome!) and photos! You are so awesome!

Denise said...

Those cereal box photos of Lucy are hilarious. I'm sure she'll get such a kick out of them when she is older.

Mary said...

Adorable! I laughed at the cereal box photos!

LindsayB said...

that is hilarius with the cereal box, cracks me up. lucy is just a little mama's girl, love it!

LindsayB said...

also, what's with the double jointed looking knees?!