Friday, September 26, 2008

Sadie's 1st Birthday

We got to go over to my SIL Susie's house on Monday after school to help Sadie celebrate her first birthday.
Thought I'd post a few pictures I took at the fun event.

SIL Lindsay and James were also in the party.

Lucy was loving it all
Grandma Bea holding Eli.
Alden was loving it (until we tried to make him eat Taco soup for supper!)

The three Steed grand kid girls.

These two loved the whole party atmosphere. Both building up to their third birthdays that are coming shortly!
And the birthday girl (who wasn't so into her party hat)
Eli's first birthday party he attended.

It was a fun time. And I love that we live close enough to attend family parties like this!
That our kids get to be together and celebrate together. I love it!


Susie said...

I LOVE it too! It was really ALL about the cake. The kids were all smiles when the cake came out. Yeah for more birthdays!

my4blessings said...

oh my stars, Eli has really grown! Wonderful photos, Rhonda!

LindsayB said...

CUTE STUFF!!! Man, you are a good photographer. I was looking pretty sketchy that day and i don't look half as bad in the picture as i did that day!

JA Crew said...

how fun!! you all have such cute kids!!!