Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today I am

....thankful for a treadmill where I can exercise while my kids play or sleep.
....enjoying editing pictures for a good friend
....loving to see how photographs can show how little ones grow so quickly
....happy to be taking my kids to the first music class
... inspired to do this project next week along with Ali
....playing with new stamps from Tin Box stamps called Tab it....planning how to use my new October kit from Scraptivity

....mostly finished editing this wedding shoot


Heather M. said...

rhonda!!!!!! oh my, i just love that photo so much!

whitney said...

Love all the wedding pictures on your photo blog. I love my treadmill too. And I have been dying to get back on it. Too bad it still needs to be set up after being moved from one room to another. Brad promised it would happen Saturday...

Drennans said...

Today I am loving that my child can feed himself so that I too can work out while he feeds himself breakfast in his highchair. You give me hope that I can have more then one...others don't always.

Crystal said...

Beautiful pictures, Rhonda! I love your lists and your busy life - and your happy disposition that means you enjoy most of it, most days. ((( HUGS )))

Mary said...

Busy busy! I love the photo of little Silas! So maybe some time, you can teach me a thing or two?!