Tuesday, October 02, 2007

oh you know, this and that

1. Happy birthday to my lovely SIL Lindsay on Oct 1.

2. Happy Birthday to my little brother Justin today on oct 2nd

3. Since it's October 1st, there is a new kit at Scraptivity.... here are some of my creations from this month. The last one is a mini album I made using envelopes I made. It was super duper easy. All the instructions will be on Scraptivity if your interested. :)

4. I've started editing photos from my last super duper fun wedding.

5. My finger feels like it is going to explode. And I've realized how much I used my pointer finger on my left hand. Especially in typing.

Whatha been up to??


Heather M. said...

Awesome photos, as always!
I bet your finger is just throbbing. What a pain! Can you imagine if it was your right hand though (okay so I'm totally assuming you are RH as you were cutting with your RH)? Although I'm sure it's frustrating either hand. ACK! I hope it heals quickly for you.
Love the layouts too! So good to see your work! :)

Carmen said...

Awesomes pics and awesome layouts!!

LindsayB said...

alright! thanks for the birthday wishes! you're a sweetie. i'll ya what we're up to...we just made the food list for the weekend, yum, and then doing all the shopping tomorrow. see ya soon. actually i'm calling you right now.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are so nice!! And your scraptivity stuff is great! I wish I had more time and money to do it!

Crystal said...

It's good to see your LOs again! I was wondering if that finger would be sore this week. Hope it heals soon!

MonaS! said...

beautiful photos Rhonda. Love what you did with the kits too!