Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Seven

1. I am thankful we were able to drive down south this weekend and attend the Temple. Always wonderful to go. Regan and I attended weekly when we were dating, he proposed to me here, and we were married here so it is always special to go back.

2. I am thankful that wonderful grandma and grandpa steed watched the kids while we went. And that Lucy didn't cry when we left. I told her we were going and that she was going to stay and have fun with grandma. She said "Okay mom. love you." and started following grandma around (who was on the phone) saying "Grandma, where is my fun?"

3. I am thankful for a good reliable vehicle. So glad we have a van. Love that I can load it up and still have lots of room.

4. I am thankful for libraries and books. I just finished reading this book.

5. And because of that book I am SUPER DUPER thankful that I was born in Canada.

6. I am thankful for comedic genius.

7. And thankful that tomorrow is a special day around our house.


Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

love reading your sunday seven. glad you we're able to make it to the temple. i always love going with josh, it's hard to find time, and we dont even have kids!
i am going to start reading the book um..."the secret journal? of Brett Colton" or something like that. Vanessa told me she loved it and you read it too. i'll let you know what i think when i am thru.

Carmen said...

Hope Alden has a fantastic party!!