Wednesday, October 10, 2007

morning photos

We came home from music class to a whole pile of leaves.....
so we made good use of them.

This morning Alden wouldn't get both shoes on and both Lucy and I were saying hurry Alden (she was just copying me) and finally I thought, really does it matter if he wears one shoe and one rubber boot... no it really doesn't. So this is what has been on his feet all morning.

Lucy Ann at lunch.

My finger is healing... but I wonder if it will never look "normal" again....

This is a typical morning for us around home.... except the finger part. ;)
What's in a typical morning around your house??

And yes, there will be more photos of little Sadie soon.
Right after I finish some more wedding photos.


my4blessings said...

Beautiful photos...except the one of your finger, ouch! I think your weather today is far superior to ours.

Typical morning? Get up, make coffee, read a bit of the paper, feed kids after they all get up, tidying, then start our homeschooling day. IF we manage to finish before it's time to start lunch, I do instrument practice (violin, piano, and guitar) with my three oldest. Then it's time to fix lunch before Daddy comes home!

Crystal said...

I'm not sure about that finger - I don't think it's going to ever be the same. Great pictures!

Heather M. said...

I can't get over how BIG Lucy is getting! She is so cute! Awesome photos (well, except for the finger maybe - does it feel better now?)!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! You are very talented!


Drennans said...

I love LOVE looking at your blog! Your pictures are always amazing!! Even your scary finger one!