Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Seven

A new thing I'm starting, totally taking my good friend Heather's idea.

Seven things I am grateful for this week.

1. My sister in law Susie had her first little baby. Who I can not WAIT to meet on Thanksgiving. And take pictures of! It's wonderful to have her experience those special moments that come with your first child. Something you can't explain to anyone. They have to live it to really get it. I am thankful Susie and Ryan had a sweet healthy little girl!! (When I showed Lucy the blog post of the new baby, Lucy says "Cute, I hold it?" )

2. Sunday's. With my family. Residency and clerkship are getting a lot closer.... and becoming very real for Regan and me. I am glad right now Regan is still home on Sundays with us. I know in the not too distant future that will not always be the case!

3. Taking pictures for people. love it. Had a great engagement shoot this week. Shot a great couple in Canmore. Amazing scenery. And good company. Fun times!

4. That my momma is only a daily phone call away. Love that. Love her. She was in fact the first person I called after I sliced off my finger tip on friday. She quickly directed me to someone who actually lives in my city. :)

5. I get scrapbook supplies in the mail every month. We couldn't afford supplies right now... so I love that I get the benefits of designing for scraptivity. And the friends I have made thru doing it. A new kit will be posted tomorrow. and I had fun with it this month!!!!

6. Having good friends. I had 3 ladies over for lunch on Wednesday. It is my new thing. Ladies lunch. We had fun. All of them had little babies. Lucy was in heaven. :) She woke up all there were three babies to hold. Although she was smitten with one in particiular. She held her for a long time. And would hug her. It was adorable!!!! The next morning when she woke up from her nap she asked "Babies her today?"

7. That I still have all my fingers.... despite one being badly damaged. (see my last post for details.) Seriously, though I am sooo lucky. For being how clutzy I am nothing really bad has ever happened to me. I've always healed from everything. That is something to be grateful for!

What's on your list this week???


Heather M. said...

Love your list!!!!
Photo shoot in Canmore?!?! How fun! Hope the photos turned out really well.
Keep meaning to ask you - who do you get to watch the kids while you are shooting? I need to find someone who lives in Airdrie - haven't been successful yet. It is WAY too hard to take Helayna along (and really not fair to the clients).

Susie said...

ewwww that finger was gross owwweee. nice to have so many great things in your life. It is good to remember

Mom Steed said...

just so you know if you were in Raymond 5 hours would have been 5 minutes! OR if you trusted your husband

Tisha said...

Ok, I'm totally going to steal your idea! That is so good!