Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

How was it for all of you???
It was great for us.
My thankful list for this week a little late, but still thankful.

1. Little Lucy. It was her second birthday on the 5th. Regan and I comment regularly how sweet and happy she is. It is amazing to me how tender she is. Just such a happy little girl. Such a joy to have around and to love. Absolutely astounding to me that she is 2 already. But that seems to happen.

2. Last night there was a little car accident with my SIL and BIL and their two little kiddos. Thankfully no one was hurt. But I still feel a bit on edge about it. Car accidents are scary. I am so grateful everyone is safe.

3. I love fall. I am grateful for the colors. The leaves. The new school year. New school supplies. Sweaters. Eating soups and biscuits. Thankful for this great season.

4. So grateful that we had lots of fun with family on Thanksgiving weekend. Got to spend time with my side of the family and Regan's side. It was wonderful. Lots of good food and jokes. And games. Truly we are blessed with loved ones.
Grandma and Grandpa Steed with all their grandkids.

5. It was General Conference weekend for us. There were many wonderful, spiritually fulfilling talks given. Some specific answers to my prayers lately. Just Wonderful. I have been re-listening to some of them already, and I plan to re listen to more throughout the next few weeks.

6. So glad that I was able to take pictures of the newest Steed cousin. Baby Sadie. Lots to go thru. I love that I can do this for my nieces and nephews. Love this. Love her.

7. Loved that on Monday I got to spend time with my momma. Just us and my parents. Need more time like that.


The Bing's said...

Your blogs always have the most beautiful pictures...such a special thing for all these children to cherish always...I love the one of lucy and the cupcake...baby Sadie is adorable!! Glad to hear that your family was all ok from the accident!

Crystal said...

Such a wonderful list of thankfulness, Rhonda. I remember when you were waiting for Lucy to arrive - she looks so grownup already!

Susie said...

it was such a great weekend. Glad we always have new things to be thankful for. and can't wait to see more pics. You are the best!! We are soo lucky

Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

i just love when you update, because i know there are going to be some lovely pictures, and no fail this time either. i love the one of lucy. her big blues and her blonder than blonde hair. so cute. the pigtails are just perfect as well. lucky mummy to have beautiful kids!

Heather M. said...

Hokey dinah! I can't believe she's 2 already!!! She is adorable! Love that first photo!
And your new niece is darling! Do we get to see more photos soon?!
Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Carmen said...

Lucy is just growing so quickly!! Wow, time sure does fly...

Denise said...

OMGoodness Rhonda ... where did the time go? I can't believe Lucy is already 2 years old. But then again, my middle dd turned 18 today. How on earth did THAT happen? ;)
BTW, that piggytail photo is absolutely adorable!