Thursday, May 19, 2011

Listography 18 & 19

List 18: Favorite Childhood memories

1. When our basement flooded (one of the times) and we had to sleep in the living room. It was wall to wall beds for a few days (or maybe longer) and it was like a big sleepover.

2. When Kelly was born and all of the boys and me were sitting around the table and the phone rang, dad answered (we all knew it was my Aunt from the hospital). Dad said okay okay and sat back down. Didn't say anything to us, even though we all knew what the call was. Finally after us pestering he said "You guys have a new baby............sister." All the boys said "oh man" and I said "YES!!!!!"

3. Getting sealed as a family in the Cardston Alberta Temple after Bob had joined our family.

4. Playing in the huge snowdrifts outside our house and in the rodeo grounds.

5. Sleeping over at my grandma's house in Creston with our cousins and playing outside in their farmyard in the trees and streams for hours.

6. Canning peaches with my mom and my siblings. All lined up in the kitchen, each with our own jobs.

7. Learning how to roll our pie dough with my mom when I was very young.

8. My mom handing out donuts on Halloween.

9. Climbing onto my dad's lap and snuggling with him, measuring my hands against his big hands.

10. Opening matching dresses on Christmas morning with Kelly.

List 19: Things that are overrated.

1. Charlie Sheen.

2. Dark Chocolate.

3. Twitter


Jeffrey said...

I agree with all the things on your "overrated" list. :)

Stacy said...

Oops, I didn't realize my husband was signed on to Google. So the comment from "Jeffrey" is really from Stacy. Sorry!

Heather M. said...

Dark Chocolate is so NOT overrated. ;) But I love that you included Charlie Sheen on your list. LOL!

And I just love your list of childhood memories. :)

Alysha said...

totally agree with all your overrated things!! ugh twitter don't even get me started!
love your memory list. how great

Anonymous said...

Rhonda, I love these lists. I agree with overrated. I love the childhood memories. Nathan still hasn't forgiven me for bursting into tears with I found out he was a he. Kari B

Catherine Dabels said...

Overrated: Dark chocolate. Charlie Sheen. Twitter. Sleep. The Twilight Series. Actually most teen lit. Tobogganing. Movie popcorn. The convenience of big cities. Before and after photos. Potato pearls.

I should do a memory list..... but not here.

LindsayB said...

dark chocolate, i know right! and that's coming form me pretty much the hugest chocolate eater in the world. glad you got your house up, is that why you guys didn't make it to the party? forgiven and good luck.

Visible Voice said...

amen to the overrated!