Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Yesterday was so good. We just really hung out at home. Did very little. And it was soooo good. It has been a long time since all of us (including Regan) were home with nothing to do. No house showings that day, no appointments, really just hanging out. It was good!

2. Speaking of yesterday, Eli and I went for a little walk in the alley way after the rain (or I should say during a break in the rain) and I just let him wander and I followed him. It was relaxing and enjoyable.
may 23-2: Puddle Jumper
may 23: WORMS
3. Had my ultrasound last week. It makes it so REAL! And they moved my due date up a week. Reg says that it doesn't mean anything.... but it said the 16th instead of the 22nd. So I'll take it :) Here's the little munchkin!
may 19-1: Number 4

4. We have had around 8 showings so far. 4 in one day. One tonight right at supper time. Sure hope our house sells soon!!

5. All this rain makes me feel like we are back in Nova Scotia in spring time.

6. We had another dinner club Friday night. And the theme was Moroccan. Have I mentioned I think dinner club is SO FUN??? I made desserts. AND I was lucky enough my brother came over so I could go to book club too this week. So great when I can leave the house without kids when Regan is so busy.

7. I love when I capture little moments like this one where Lucy was reading to Eli on the couch.
may 20-3: Reading buddies

8. We had a bit of a family day on Saturday. Each kid got to pick one thing to do. Alden picked mini golf (which he LOVES and Eli is TERRIBLE since he just kept running away and getting into other's courses), Lucy picked a treat and Eli picked the playground. I also had two photo shoots that were volunteer. Both were fun.
may 20-3 Mini Golf CRAZY
may 21: mini golf
may 20-2 : Cupcakes

9. I just finished reading driven and the ladies auxiliary. Both were GREAT books and I'd recommend both!!

10. Friday morning we met some friends at the park for playgroup. And that was great too! It was a good week last week!
may 20: Lucy and Mia.


Marie said...

This morning at kindergarten they had their 'gab session' so the kids would tell about their weekends, and Lucy said she had gone to Crazy Cakes and her mom got the one called, "Monkey Business." I love that THAT was the detail she wanted to share.

Abby Metz said...

wonderful pictures! Hooray to see first picture of Steed baby #4!!!

Brooke said...

I just want that cupcake.