Tuesday, May 17, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. I am feeling quite zombie-ish this morning thanks to a certain almost 3 year old who was up 4 or 5 times last night (can't quite remember). Good thing Regan was home to go in a couple times to put him back into his bed since he did the SAME thing the night before when Regan was on call. I am seriously almost ready to lock his door or drug him or something.....

2. Our house is officially for sale and on the market. So buy it, will ya??

3. I am feeling a little bit all over the place. Wondering why things happen a certain way, why things I think will work don't, why I care so much what others thing, why Eli isn't sleeping, why I am getting out of the "mormon" crowd for pictures (do they think I am too expensive or am I not giving good results), why is Lucy being so uncooperative lately, why does Alden seem so tired all the time lately... why why why.

4. I love homemade bread. Made a bunch yesterday.

5. Loving my 365 project. I am terrible about actually putting them online but I am taking them every day. I was going through them last night and just loving that I am doing it.
apr 30 - Goof
apr 28 - Multiplication
may 4 - Mother's Day Celebration

6. Wondering who is out there reading.... Did you lately I have over 200 people reading this. WOW. that's crazy. Maybe I should be doing some more exciting posts hey :) hahahaha

7. I bought this thing last summer (Reg thinks it is still a waste) but my kids loooove it. Eli asks for it as soon as the weather is nice. This day he took a bag of left over spaghetti (one of his favs) and jumped and ate and jumped and ate. What a silly kid!
may 13 - jumpy castle

8. I love candy. A little tooooo much.

9. I have read 10 books in the last month and a half. Can you say reading binge??

10. Tomorrow is the beginning of house showings..... can I do this????????


Laura Beth said...

I love that picture of you and Lucy! So adorable! and where was that blow up thing when I was with you? I would have slept on that! hahaha

You can dooo this!

Scott and Tisha said...

You can survive house showing, because you are Rhonda and you can do Anything!!! Your pictures are amazing- don't ever doubt that, we will hire you again as soon as we save up a little cash ;) Hang in there, You are Awesome!

Lisha said...

You are fabulous! Don't ever forget that. And I know we need to get some new Robinson family pictures done one of these months. We just have to figure out a day when we can coordinate all of our schedules!

mbmcclung said...

Rhonda come on your amazing you can get through anything .... with help .. Its ok to ask for help so if you need it please just ask , I know how overwhelming things can get sometimes.... 2nd Im mormon and now thats its nice I was wondering when your not busy if we can finish up some family pictures ... O and I would love to pay you also , seeing its been welll a LONG TIME!!

Marie said...

I am reading! I'm not checking in 200 times per day, but I'm here. Yesterday I had 98 hits on my Making Merry Memories blog. I felt soooo cool. But not one comment. What is up with that?

Hooray for #2! I hope it sells quickly! Good luck!

Sorry you are feeling scattered. I'm sure it is just the sleep deprevation. Have you tried a child proof thingy on his door handle so he can't get out?

Lastly, can I borrow your little jumpy house for Harrison's birthday in September? He is havning a 'ball party' and I think it would be so fun to fill that with little balls and let him play all around in there.

Alysha said...

That first pic is priceless and I love the one of you and Lucy. I want out of the "m" market too. I don't get why people think you should basically give away your services. Frustrating sometimes that's for sure. Mmmmmm I love candy too :)

Jen Isackson said...

usually Mommy's tired, zombie stage impacts the kiddos. Being pregnant and dealing with kids is so hard when you just want to sleep all the time. These next 3 weeks can't pass fast enough ;) Oh and Hailey finally just started sleeping through the night... lucky me to be getting up with a new baby now instead :)

whitney said...

hurry up and sell your house and come play with me!!!!
and teach me to make bread too.

Kelsey said...

I love the photo of Eli and the magnifying glass, too cute.
Hey, I know I've told you this before, but I was disappointed with our last family photo session by a certain Lethbridge business ahem, and have vowed to have you do our next family photo. You are awesome.
Oh, and if I check into your blog, same goes for anyone's, I ALWAYS comment because I like comments on my own blog.

Amy said...

Ack! That last comment was me, Amy, not Kelsey. She was signed into her google account.

LindsayB said...

how could reg think that is a waste?! it's the best! good luck with the selling!